Why is Paddle Boarding good for your Health?

Paddle boarding is a great activity for all-round fitness and wellbeing.

In recent years, you may have seen the rapid growth of paddle boarding. It seems wherever you go these days, you will come across a paddle boarder taking to the water. Admittedly, amazing news for us and amazing news for you! Read on to find out why paddle boarding is good for your health!…

1. An all-over body workout!

On-board your SUP, you can assure your body will be getting a full workout! Whether you’re looking to push yourself for an intense workout or you just want to take it easy, your entire body will soon begin to feel toned.

With your arms, back, shoulders, legs and abs all working in conjunction with each other, your posture and stamina will certainly improve.

2. Improved Balance

It may feel a little strange at first, but you will be quickly be up on your feet and paddling with confidence, but like most things in life, the more you do it, the better you will become.

With practice, you will soon be paddle boarding further and further and your balance will improve greatly.

SUP Yoga

3. Low Impact

Unlike many water-sports, paddle boarding is very low-impact on your body. The chance of getting injured is very slim compared to more high-impact sports. It is very unlikely you will do any damage to your joints using the correct paddling technique, so for those of you who are a little older, you needn’t worry about suffering with aches and pains.

In fact, it will more than likely do your body more good than bad! If you’re not sure that your technique is correct, check out our excellent tuition videos here!

4. Stress Levels Reduced

Let’s face it, that first big gulp of fresh air after a stressful week in work is truly bliss! There really is no better feeling than leaving all your worries at home and hitting the water for a dosage of peace and serenity.

The sound of water in particular, naturally soothes the body, mind and soul, and in addition to getting in some exercise, you will soon feel rejuvenated and replenished. 

And SUP Yoga takes it to the relaxation to the next level…

5. Improved Stamina

Improved Stamina from Paddle Boarding. For those of you looking for more of an ‘intense’ workout, fear not, paddle boarding really is whatever you make of it.

Whether you wish to do a relaxed SUP Yoga session on our 10’8″ Activ or you fancy rounding up a load of your friends to race on our 22’0″ Red Dragon, the opportunities are endless! Besides, the better your cardiovascular heath is, the less risk you’ll suffer from heart problems in the future. It really is a win win!

6. Excellent Weight-Loss


In relation to cardiovascular fitness, paddle boarding will also act as a fun way to lose weight. If you wish to shed some pounds, this fastest growing water-sport is definitely the one for you. Combining all of the above incentives and getting a better bod whilst you do it, you really do have nothing to lose!


The Activ Yoga Paddle Board

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The 10’6 Ride SE is a great all-round board for first-time paddlers and every day paddling. It is super stable and is perfect for establishing your confidence and balance on the water…


Mix the intensity of SUP racing with the camaraderie of paddling with your buddies. Our 22′ Dragon paddle board is a great way to up your fitness, coordination and stamina on a SUP…

13'2" Voyager

The 13’2 Voyager board is designed for longer touring so you can really hone your paddling technique and improve your stroke. Thanks to its long, drawn out nose and sleek shape, you can paddle further for longer…


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