We have tested every system currently available and even developed fin systems of our own to find the best solution. As a result we have employed two separate systems depending on the use of the board so that you get an authentic paddle boarding experience every time but with the ultimate convenience.


Most boards in the Red Paddle Co range come with built-in fins – the high-performance iFin system. With moulded fins you don’t need any tools, replacements or spares. They are specially designed to be ultra-durable and easy to pack away for transport. If ever they bend out of shape during storage or use is extremely easy to set tight. Simply pour hot water over the fins and reshape them by hand.


For 2017 we have collaborated with FCS, the world-leading surfboard fin creators. Now our Explorer, Sport and Whip boards all feature FCS Connect Fins that simply slot in by hand, taking mere seconds to fit. They have a specially designed wear-resistant barrel and corrosion-resistant titanium pin mechanism incorporated into their base. The rest of the fin is also extremely durable and resistant.


US Box Fins originated in the surfing world where they are widely trusted to do a great job. A number of Red Paddle Co boards boast them, including all of the Race Family as well as the WindSUP and WindSURF boards. We use several different types of fin depending on the board. These fins are inserted after inflation and simply attached using a simple nut and bolt system. The fins are specially engineered to slice through the water and the Race fins have a 45% rake on them to ensure no weeds get caught which could slow you down.