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Paddle further with a Touring inflatable SUP

27th January 2021

Here at Red Paddle Co we often get asked ‘What next?’ by paddlers who, after several sessions have grown in confidence, experience and ability and are looking to take on some bigger adventures.
Whilst our award-winning, all-round Ride range can take on wide and varied conditions, if you’re looking to explore new waters, then you’ll need a board that will take you there and beyond.

Stepping up from an all-round board, to a sleeker, faster inflatable touring board such as our Sport and Voyager boards can open the door to completely new experiences and opportunities you may not have previously considered.

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5 reasons to upgrade your inflatable SUP:

Offering improved glide whilst remaining stable and versatile our purpose-built touring boards offer new levels of performance and adventures on the water…

1. Paddle Faster

The sleek outline shape of the touring range reduces nose volume to cut through the chop and deliver increased glide through the upper third of the board. The drawn-out shape at the back of the board improves water release and provides more stability and width throughout the rear two-thirds of the board resulting in a straighter rail outline and reduced drag. Perfect for developing advanced paddling techniques.

2. Paddle Further

Paddled on some of the most un-chartered and untouched waters on the planet, our Voyager and Sport boards are tailored from the observations of expert paddlers and professional adventurers. At 5.9 inches thick the boards high sides reduce wash over the deck whilst the rounded rail shape further improves stability by increasing waterline surface tension. Built to the industry’s most rigorous quality control tests and made using our reinforced high-definition MSL technology, these boards offer maximum performance and reliability.

3. Additional Features

Packed full of features our touring boards are for any adventure no matter how big or small. New for 2021: The Revolutionary V-Hull: By cleverly tapering the cut of the drop stitch, the new displacement V-shaped hull on the nose of the Voyager, breaks the surface tension of the water and keeps you gliding through your paddle stroke. Additional cargo tie down options on our Voyager boards come as standard to allow the boards to be loaded with kit whilst our patented Rocker Stiffening System (RSS) provides unrivalled stiffness to combat any chop along the way on all our touring SUPs.

“Fast and stable usually contradict but Red Paddle Co have combined both together with the 13’2″ Voyager+ board…”

The ultimate touring boards

product page voyager 126 1 03

Voyager 12'6

Stable long distance tourer
  • 12'6 x 32" x 5.9"
  • V-Hull Technology
  • Twin Fin System
  • Riders up to 150kg
product page voyager 132 1 03

VOyager 13'2

Streamline long distance tourer
  • 13'2 x 30" x 5.9"
  • V-Hull Technology
  • Twin Fin System
  • Riders up to 120kg

4. Interchangeable Fins

Featuring a single 9–inch FCS Touring ‘US’ fin the Sport boards deliver precise tracking allowing you to paddle straighter and on one side for longer. The 2021 Voyager boards now come with the new Twin Fin system which improves tracking and glide. At 8” these fins are an inch shorter allowing paddlers to reach much shallower waters and make it far easier for loading your kit on land too. Our US Finbox is designed to allow you to easily customise your fin depending on your style and interchange fins depending on the depth of water and level of expedition. Lateral resistance is increased to combat side winds and drift using our unique and flexible nose and tail runner fins which aid water flow directing it to the back of the board.

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5. Progressive paddling

The touring range are designed for paddlers looking to grow their experience and confidence by enabling adventures big and small. Whether you are looking for an inflatable SUP that provides reliability and stability or something with a little more speed we have the board to get you there. 

sport 12 6 fbs

Sport 12'6

Speedy touring board
  • 12'6 x 30" x 4.7"
  • Speed Tail System
  • Single Touring fin
  • Riders up to 120kg
sport 11 3 se fbs

Sport 11'3 SE

Colourful, stable tourer
  • 11'3 x 32" x 4.7"
  • Speed Tail System
  • Single Touring FIn
  • Riders up to 110kg

Looking for stability? Check out the 12’6 Voyager and 11’3 Sport 

Looking for Speed and glide? Check out 11’0 Sport, 12’6 Sport and 13’2 Voyager 

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