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A RED RIDE OUT - Meet Fell Foodie

9th July 2021

At the end of May 2021, we hosted our very first Red Ride Out weekend on the shores of Lake Windermere. The aim was to bring a group of likeminded paddlers together to celebrate our love of SUP and adventure. These passionate paddlers and friends of the brand were invited to meet and get to know the Red team through a variety of activities and talks with outdoor enthusiasts.

One such adventurer kindly joined the day, and not only did he cook us a wholesome and delicious lunch, he also shared his story with the group on how he came to combine two of his main passions in life, Food and the Great Outdoors…

Meet Harrison aka Fell Foodie…

fell foodie

Hello, my name is Harrison Ward perhaps better known as Fell Foodie. I’m a Lake District based outdoor cook and hiker. I love nothing better than attempting to recreate restaurant style meals on minimal equipment in remote locations. You can often find me up high with my camping stove taking in the views below whilst cooking.

We are blessed with so much natural beauty in the UK. At my home in the Lake District there are so many opportunities to paddle in lakes, coastal beaches or mountainous tarns. If getting out on the water is a tranquil experience for you then reaching an unoccupied island will only escalate that. And, if you have mountains close by then load up your backpack and head up high. Paddle boarding on a remote mountain tarn is an experience not many can claim to have done. You may burn some extra calories carrying all the kit to the top but having a nutritious meal to prep and cook when you are there means you won’t go hungry and will have plenty of energy for time on the water.

Fell Foodie’s Top Tips for Outdoor Cooking

1. Plan the meal appropriately

When the weather is colder the last thing you want to be doing is sitting still next to your camp stove with a recipe that is better slow cooked.

2. Prepare your ingredients

It’s great relaxing and taking your time in the summer prepping vegetables for the pot but in cooler conditions speed is preferable.

3. Only take what you need

Fresh food often weighs more than the dehydrated adventure packs, so you don’t want to be paddling with a full larder. Decant things and portion out to save on mass and space without compromising on flavour.

4. Reuse and recycle

Old hair wax pots, toiletry bottles, yoghurt pots, old camera film canisters all make great containers for spices, garnishes, prepped ingredients, sauces and typically have a strong seal to avoid spillages and potentially waterproof in case of capsizing.

5. Consider what you are bringing back

 Using heavy containers means you have to carry heavy containers down again. Pots and tubs that fit inside each other when empty will cut a lot of space in your rucksack/drybag. By pre-prepping ingredients there shouldn’t be much (if any) rubbish to bring down – LEAVE NO TRACE.

6. Take a sealable bag

This can be an old plastic shopping bag or something that can be washed. A Red Ziplock cool bag or an old drybag will also suffice. It is good to keep contents that may leak in to save your bag and also to avoid contaminating waterways if it ends up in the water.

Harrison’s must-try outdoor recipes

Fell Foodie Fajitas

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A perfect dish to enjoy with friends. Make it as simple or as complicated as you like. Suits all palettes and dietary requirements with toppings being copious yet optional. This lighter option can all be cooked in just a small frying pan.

1 Red Onion
1 Bell Pepper
1 Diced Chicken Breast or 300g Chopped Mushrooms
2-4 Tortilla Wraps
Fajita Spice Mix (prebought or make your own at home first) Vegetable Oil for frying
Toppings (pick a couple of options)
Grated Cheese
Sour Cream
Pico de Gallo
BBQ Sauce

Thinly slice the veg and fry together with the chicken/mushrooms and the spice mix. Once cooked spoon into wraps and top how you like. No plates required!

Wild Risotto

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A hugely versatile dish that is just as satisfying in Winter as it is in Summer. Ideal if you need warming up after falling in the drink more times than you’ve paddled!

1 White Onion

2 cloves Garlic

2 sticks of Celery

100ml White Wine

200g Aborio Risotto Rice

600g Stock (vegetable or chicken)

50g Parmesan or vegan alternative

Vegetable Oil for frying

Black Pepper

Finely dice the onion, garlic and celery and lightly fry in oil, do not allow to colour.

Once translucent add, your rice and stir through. Add the wine and allow to simmer, be sure to keep stirring. Once the wine is absorbed, add small amounts of stock a bit at a time and keep stirring. When liquid is absorbed, continue to add a little more until the rice is soft with a slight bite (al dente).

Mix in cheese and save a little bit to top the risotto when plated. Finish with black pepper. PS. You could use any meat or veg to this basic recipe to take it to new levels. Try fresh green veg in the summer, and pre roasted root vegetables in winter.

A small pan will do the job for the risotto and you could keep your stock hot in a flask.

Loaded Flatbreads

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Flatbreads are one of my favourite things to cook on my stove. Make the dough at home first or do it from scratch in nature.  They cook so fast and are great for mopping up or providing more substance.

Flatbreads (makes 4-6)
200g Strong White Flour
100g Water
1 tsp Baking Powder
1/2 tsp Salt

100g Cherry Tomatoes
1 Yellow Pepper
1/2 Red Onion
1 Clove Garlic
1/2 Courgette
Handful of Fresh Mint
Salt & Pepper
Vegetable Oil for frying
Olive Oil for dressing

Divide the dough into small balls and flatten. Cook in a hot dry (no oil) pan and flip when one side is cooked. Leave to once side.

Sauté garlic on a low heat then add the chopped veggies. Cook until slightly softened but still holding shape. Place flatbread on plate, drizzle with olive oil (add houmous, optional) and then top with veg.

Finely slice some fresh mint and scatter over the top with some more olive oil. Enjoy.


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Why not pack the ingredients for one of these dishes next time you go SUP’ing on a lake and pinpoint a spot on the shore where you can get off and have cook up.

To see more of Harrison’s adventures or recipes you can follow him @fellfoodie on all social platforms or visit his website