11'0" Compact

The perfect travelling inflatable SUP 

2nd March 2020

In developing the new 11’0″ Compact inflatable SUP, our Design Team were driven by the overarching aim of creating a truly transportable compact touring paddle board, making adventure easier than ever before.
 Where better to test this out than the ever remote, crystal clear waters of The Maldives? 

Bob Fairchild packed up his board and his whole family and embarked on the journey to Maguhdhuvaa Island, part of the Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll.  We caught up with him to find out how he got on with the world’s most transportable inflatable touring SUP.

Red Paddle Co 11'0" Compact in the Maldives

So Bob, was the 11'0" Compact really as transportable as you hoped it would be?  

“I’ve just returned from a family holiday in the Maldives, staying at the Ayada Resort in the Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, just 15 miles from the equator.  Getting there involved an 11 hour flight from Gatwick, a domestic flight in the Maldives followed by an hour long boat ride – quite a journey!
We had absolutely no problems at all travelling with the board and I would even say it was easy to take on a journey like this.
No hassle at all!”

And how about paddling it in the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean?   

3 generations of my family joined us on this trip so we had paddlers or varying ages, weight, fitness and paddling experience the board was certainly put to good use over the 12 days! 
My five year old grandson joined us on the board too which it handled with ease.  Everyone wanted to have a go paddling it in the lagoon surrounding the island where marine wildlife was plentiful. We managed to see rays, reef sharks, a turtle and lots of fish. 

“The board is light, easy to handle and glides well – virtually no flex at all!”

We designed the board to be as high performing as the rest of the Red Paddle Co range, despite its compact size. Did it stand up to the test?

I was amazed at how stiff and rigid the board felt with virtually no flex at all. The board is light, easy to handle and glides really well. The tracking is very straight which means you don’t have to swap the paddle over so often.
Its is
great for venturing a little further to make the most of the marine wildlife on offer.  The fin system seems to work well and is easy to install and secure with the Allen key supplied in the package. 

Red Paddle Co 11'0" Compact in the Maldives

I’m also not good at packing things up and so I was a little concerned as to whether I could get the board, pump, leash and paddle into the really small bag! 


I followed the instructions provided and to my amazement it all went in first time, great design, 

The 11’0″ Compact was great to travel with and enjoyed by the whole family. 

11'0" Compact

Bob and his family chose the ultra transportable 11’0″ Compact to take on their adventures. Full of practical features and innovations, this board is an ideal match for paddlers who regularly travel with their board.  

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