Red Original Paddle Boarding Accessories

Over the past 10 years we have been working hard to grow Red Paddle Co in to a world-leading paddleboard brand, built on a foundation of designing quality, no compromise products. Beyond the boards however, we have been frustrated that complimentary products which were well thought out for our sport and lifestyle were still missing.

Whenever we wanted to go on an adventure, compete in a race, or even just spend a relaxed day at the beach with our friends and families, we were having to compromise with gear that didn’t do what we really wanted it to because they were designed with other things in mind – and often poorly made.

So we decided do something about it and design our own premium range of things we really wanted when going to the beach – definitive versions of the kit you actually need, packed full of features and using quality materials that look awesome too. Welcome to Red Original!

As you would expect from any Red product, performance, style and user-centric design is at the forefront of the range. We looked to find innovative new approaches to age old problems (‘What do I do with my valuables when I go paddling?’); and re-imagined must-haves (‘Why do change robes have to be cheap and nasty?’).

The entire range is designed to enable the ultimate paddle boarding experience, whatever your style of paddling, and we’ve made sure they have a multitude of uses beyond just watersports – helping you get out there and EXPLORE YOUR WORLD.

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