Paddle Boarding Waist Leash Belt

An essential piece of safety equipment - wherever you're paddling!
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Whether you are exploring an estuary, racing down a river or just going with the flow, this is an essential piece of safety kit.

To use – simply attach any ankle leash cuff to the waist belt using the d-ring and leash string

Quick Release Waist Belt

Flowing water has a consistent and powerful current which makes it impossible to reach your ankle if you end up in a tight spot. The Red waist belt allows you to easily convert any ankle leash into a quick-release waist leash.

It’s minimal design allows it to sit comfortably under a personal floatation device allowing you to stay safe even if you have to disconnect.

Made using 37mm woven polyester webbing it is super strong and the quick release push clamp makes for easy fitting and adjustment.

In the unlikely event that you have to ditch your board, there is an easy-to-reach grab toggle to ensure you are in complete control at all times. Not only does it save lives, it also reduces drag by keeping your leash high dry and out of the way of any floating debris.

Dimensions are as follows:
1.4m length of black 37mm webbing


Product Features

1. Webbing 

The woven polyester webbing makes for a super strong a durable belt.

2. Grab Toggle

The chunky and easy-to-reach grab toggle means if you need to release your lease quickly, you can do so with confidence.

3. Push Clamp

The quick release push clamp makes for easy fitting and adjustment for each paddler.