Paddle Board Camera Mount

Whether paddling alone or with friends, this camera mount is essential for catching those memories that last a lifetime.
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The ideal accessory for paddle boarders wanting to attach a camera to their board, the 360 degree rotation makes it an excellent choice for paddlers for catching the perfect shot while on the move.

Paddle Board Camera Mount

Paddle boarding is all about escaping into nature. Whether paddling alone or with friends it is about creating memories that last a lifetime. With this handy paddle board camera mount you’ll never miss a moment. Made using 304 stainless steel this small but mighty mount has a distinctly robust feel to it, whilst a textured surface aids grip when wet. It has a fully, 360-degree adjustable head allowing you to line up a shot on the fly. It uses an M6 screw thread making it compatible with all 2020 Red boards onwards.Simply screw it on to the front of your board and start sharing your inspiring sup stories.


Suitable for Red Paddle Co 2020 boards onwards.

Care Information:

Rinse with fresh water and dry after use
Detach from board before rolling
Remove Camera from mount when not in use


Product Features

1. M6 screw thread

The M6 screw thread makes it compatible will all boards 2020 onwards.

2. 360 Rotation

A full 360 degree rotation means that no shot is out of reach.

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