Lifestyle Clothing

Feeling good and looking good on and off the water makes the paddling experience a whole lot better. Our designers have produced clothing that is comfortable, long-lasting, stylish and multi-purpose after extensive research. This lifestyle clothing isn’t just for paddle boarding but for the beach, walks, exercise, popping to the shops and even going for a coffee.

Made in a certified wind-powered factory the ethically produced T-Shirts are made from 100% organic cotton which are comfortable and fit brilliantly, thanks to eco clothing manufacturer Rapanui.

All T-Shirts are printed in the UK with low waste technology, extremely eco-friendly! Our Unisex Hoodies are ideal for an evening BBQ on the beach after an afternoon paddle. The lightweight, durable material will keep you warm and cosy, in addition to the double pockets. If you are living somewhere with temperamental weather conditions, not to worry, this Hoodie offers an ergonomic fit, designed to help you maintain optimum temperatures in ANY conditions.

An essential item of clothing after exercise is the Luxury Towelling Change Robe. Say goodbye to the embarrassing and awkward post-surf/paddle change on the beach. The organic cotton fabric is super soft and warm and will get you dry in a flash. The specially designed sleeves have been made to ensure your modesty is kept in-tact, whilst making it easy to take off wetsuits or wet clothing. Extra features like the large pockets and draw cord hood will keep you extra warm and will shield you from cold weathers.

A favourite of the Red Paddle Co team is the Paddle Cap, it has many benefits like sun protection, breathability and fast drying capabilities. This unisex paddle cap is easily adjustable and can be worn anywhere and at any time, it is available in navy and grey. The kids Luxury Towelling Robe and T-Shirt will keep them dry, happy and will allow them to continue their adventures without being cold or wet. The sizing guide found on each page will help guide you to the perfect size.

Check out the lifestyle accessories to make your outings to the beach or down the river more enjoyable, safer and easier.

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