Made using high-quality materials and ethical production methods, the Red Original paddle board clothing collection has been designed to provide wearers with style as well as substance. Whether you’re looking for casual attire, a high-performance Dri-Release top, or a practical yet ridiculously cosy changing robe, you’re sure to find it here.
Made with paddle boarding in mind, the Red Original SUP clothing range is perfectly suited to a wide range of other water sports and outdoor activities.

The 50+ UPF and moisture wicking properties provided by our quick-drying performance tops make them ideal for wearing while paddling, sailing, kayaking, climbing, or even just working out at the gym.
Our pro change jackets are surprisingly versatile, and they are perfect for shielding wearers against rain and wind at any time or place.
Whether you’re an accomplished paddle boarder, outdoor adventurer, motivated gym goer, or just someone who enjoys being comfortable, the Red Original SUP clothing range has something for you.
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