12’6″ Voyager

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Kam skirta? Universali irklentė stambesniems irkluotojams.

Irklavimas – puikus būdas priartėti prie gamtos ir ją tyrinėti. Būtent šiam tikslui sukurtos Explorer serijos irklentės yra geriausias pasirinkimas siekiantiems pažinti dar neatrastus gamtos kampelius.

Šios irklentės pasižymi savo ypatingu tvirtumu ir stabilumu, todėl puikiai tinka aukštiems, stambiems irkluotojams arba ilgesniems pasiplaukiojimams nenuspėjamomis sąlygomis. Papildomas ilgis leidžia į kelionę pasiimti ir mažus vaikus, arba patogiai gabenti visą stovyklavimo įrangą kartu su savimi.

Irklentės apačioje tvirtinasi išimamas pagrindinis pelekas. Ties priekiu esantis pelekas leidžia lengviau laviruoti esant šoniniam vėjui, o gale esantys du papildomi pelekai skirti išlaikyti stabilumą bei manevravimą tuomet, kai irklentė turi didesnį svorį.

MSL technologija – tai nauja revoliucinė irklenčių gamybos technologija. Gamybos proceso metu sulydomi dropstich ir pvc medžiagų sluoksniai (pačių medžiagų gamybos metu), tokiu būdu pašalinamas žmogiškasis klaidų faktorius, egzistuojantis irklentes gaminant klijavimo būdu. Ši technologija leido sumažinti irklenčių svorį net 2 kg, taip pat irklentės tapo kietesnės esant mažesniam slėgiui.

32" / 813mm
5.9" / 150mm
370 litres
Rider weight
up to 150kgs / 330lbs
Board weight
11kg / 24.2lb
Bag height
96 cm / 37.7 "
Bag width
39 cm / 15.35 "
Bag depth
36 cm / 14.17"
Bag volume
150 litres
Removable FCS US Box Fins
Stiffening System
RSS, Rocker Stiffening System
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What's included with the 12'6" Voyager inflatable SUP

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7 reviews
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Reviewed on 11th rugsėjo 2018
Used for All-round, Touring

I recently purchased the Voyager 12' 6". I have been paddle boarding for about 5 years. I also have a Coreban 10' X 34" board. I wanted a board that I could travel with and that is better for touring. I primarily paddle board on the ocean. The Voyager 12' 6" has been really an amazing board so far. I can get it inflated to 18 psi within around 8 to 10 minutes. On the water this board is very stable. I have not attempted to surf it, however, I can stand-up paddle this voyager on the ocean very well. Also, I have a 7 year old son that I have taken with me. The board is also very stable with my son sitting on the front of the board. I have not had any issue with water coming over the front of the board. In fact I can load the board with weight on the front, back and I can spent the day out on the ocean.

I love my Red Paddle Co. board and would recommend it to anyone for touring and all around use. The backpack and the pump are great. I do wish that a Red Paddle Company 3 piece paddle had been included with the board.

Reviewed on 27th kovo 2017
Used for All-round

I've had two other RED Boards, this is by far and away the best one ive owned. The new construction is much lighter than earlier models. It's wider than it's longer cousin providing good stability. It has great volume for weight carrying, and tracks through the water better than a more generalist model. One downside to this volume is the extra pumping to inflate. I have used this board for evening paddles, light surfing, short touring, and non-serious racing. On most occasions I have a dog on-board weighing about 27kg. I'd like to see a Redpaddle sell a ~20psi Elec pump.

Neil Laughton
Reviewed on 24th kovo 2017
Used for Touring

I took delivery of my Explorer Board (what a great name!) last month so that I could start training for an expedition to Easter Island in the Pacific ocean later in the year. I have been out on my local tidal river in Sussex and will be entering the River Dart Race next weekend. The board is fantastic - easy to inflate, lovely to paddle and really quick to stow in the bag so no delays in getting to the bar...

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