How to Paddle Like a Pro

By following these few quick steps you can be up and paddling in next to no time. For more in depth tuition videos on how to get started and improve you paddling technique, check out our SUP tuition videos with instructor trainer and Red Paddle Co ambassador Sam Ross HERE

How to paddle like a pro 1 Give us a wave

First of all, make sure your paddle is the right length. It should top out six inches above your head – roughly a hand’s breadth.

How to paddle like a pro 2 Stand up for yourself

Stand feet shoulder-width apart; put one hand on the t-grip and one on the shaft; look at the horizon; and keep your knees flexed.

How to paddle like a pro 3 Master strokes

Place the paddle in the water at arm’s length and draw it back along the board, keeping your top hand and blade perpendicular.

How to paddle like a pro 4 A good turn

To change direction, push water towards the tail on one side and the nose on the other. You’ll turn faster if the blade is away from the board.

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