12’6″ Sport

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どんなライダー向け? さらなるパフォーマンスを求めるパドラーにオススメ

12’6” スポーツはRideシリーズからステップアップし、経験豊富なパドラーがよりスピードとダイナミックなパフォーマンスを実現するために設計されました。(レースでの使用はお勧めしません。)



30" / 762mm
5.9" / 150mm
350 litres
up to 150kgs / 330 lbs
Board weight
10.7kg / 23.54lb
Bag height
96 cm / 37.7 "
Bag width
39 cm / 15.35 "
Bag depth
36 cm / 14.17"
Bag volume
150 litres
Removable FCS US Box Fins
Stiffening System
RSS Batons
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High-performance touring with the Sport range

What's included with the 12'6" Sport inflatable SUP

rain リュックサック| タイタンポンプ | USフィンボックスシステム | RSS板 | 修理キット| 防水携帯電話ケースプレゼント! |


5 reviews
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Reviewed on 7th 11月 2018
Used for All-round, Touring

I am so happy with my sport board, 30 x 12.6
I purchased it the end of 2016, had some bad luck breaking my ankle and 3 middlefoot bones during a sup session at sea, this was June 30 2017. After a long recovery, many pysiotherapist sessions, lots of excersises and orthopediatric surgeants who told me to forget paddling, I am so happy to be back on my board. We left our hometown IJmuiden May 17 with our small jacht, I paddled in nice cities like Delft, Breda, but also on the bigger water in Zeeland, in Belgium in Gent and Brugge, now we are in France, I discovered the beautiful clear water at the Somme Canal... life with my paddleboard is great, 3 more months to go. When I am on my board I clean the water, taking out bottles, caps, plastic bags, balls etc.
I find it also very special that my Red only once a month needs a little bit of extra air.


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