A dudor

Aggodalomra semmi ok!

A dudor egyes deszkák alján hátul található, ahol a ‘drop stitch’ varrást levágtuk, hogy a töltőszelepet behelyezhessük. Hogy kevésbé legyen feltűnő, megpróbáltuk elrejteni a szkegek takarásában. Előfordulhat azonban – főleg az US szkeggel rendelkező deszkáknál – hogy még mindig látható.

Red Paddle Co bump on board


The Red Paddle Co Elite boards have 2 Patented Stiffening systems. The FFC system in the front half of the board works by putting a carbon rod under compression. This works in partnership with the RSS system to create an incredibly rigid board. The compression in the systems creates a downward force onto the board. The result of this is that you will see a “bump” on the underside of the board directly beneath the FCC mounts. This “bump” will get a little bigger as the material softens up over the first few months of use. This is normal and nothing to worry about. Your board is not delaminating or at any risk of failure. Please continue to use and enjoy your board as usual.