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A Compact deszkák kaphatók a SUP Center Balaton tihanyi üzletében.
2 year warranty*

Kiknek ajánljuk? Akiknek a teljesítmény mellett fontos szempont a helytakarékosság is.

Fele a méret, dupla a kaland.
A tíz éves küldetésünk, hogy a SUP-ozást még inkább elérhetővé tegyük, most megvalósulni látszik. A forradalmi 9’6″ Compact előrelépés a felfújható SUP-ok piacán: egy teljes méretű SUP, ami fele olyan kicsire csomagolható, mint egy szokványos felfújható stand up paddle board.

Mindazon tulajdonságokkal rendelkezik, mint az egy lábbal hosszabb testvére, a 10´6´´ Ride allround deszka, a 9´6´´Compact 813mm (32”) széles és 120mm (4,7”) vastag, ezért a stabilitás és a manőverezhetőség  tökéletes kombinációját nyújtja minden környezetben. A deszka súlya mindössze 8 kg, terhelhetősége pedig 95 kg.

Kiváló megoldás azok számára, akik csak kevés csomagot tudnak magukkal vinni SUP-os utazásukra. Ne késlekedj, tekerd ki, pumáld fel és indulj az újabb SUP kalandra!

Itt tudhatsz meg többet a 9’6 Compact deszkáról …


Az egyedi fonási technológiával készült szál extra finom szövetet eredményez. A szövet a különlegesen erős és formálható külső réteggel és a deszka belsejében futó keresztszálakkal kombinálva felfújt állapotban nagyfokú merevséget biztosít, ugyanakkor leengedett állapotban rendkívül kis méretűre felgöngyölíthető.


(A szett komplett súlya körülbelül 12.7 kg)




222 liter
Rider weight
Deszka súlya
Hátizsák magassága
Hátizsák szélessége
Hátizsák mélysége
Twin Click Fin system
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4 reviews
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Andy C
Értékelés megtekintése 4th január 2019
Used for All-round

First up I have to confess; the nice new shiny SUP in my living room hasn’t yet been christened - so I can’t even begin to say how it paddles but suffice to say, it’s a RED and I have total confidence that it’ll paddle better than I can.
So why the review then? Well I’m super stoked to have one of the new Compact 9’6’s in my possession. I’m a recreational paddler and have happily lugged my 2014 Ride 10’6 from my car to the river bank, or from the top of hill outside Carbis Bay down onto the beach for the past 4 years. But it’s heavy. It’s a pre MSL construction board and although it paddles nicely, the effort it takes to lug around was wearing me down.
I had originally wanted to upgrade to a Sport but then the Compact was announced. My wife questioned why I wanted to go faster (my reason for wanting the Sport) when my SUP-buddy and I were happy paddling at our own pace as opposed to the (faster) pace of a larger group. Most of our paddles are either 6-10Km river paddles or simple coastal spashabouts - nothing hugely adventures (yet!). The more I looked at the Compact and the rationale behind it, the more I realised that it suited my needs better - as an enabler for me to get more out of my time spent SUP’ing. It’s compact size means that it better fits in the boot of my car - along with my Camping gear. The board itself is laughably lightweight (under 8kg) and at 5ft 7 and 70kg, it’s much easier for me to lift and carry when inflated than my old board - which had a tendency to drag it’s nose on the sand when coming back up the beach after a paddle. The backpack seems comfortable enough to wear and at a total weight of under 13Kg including the pump and paddle, it is much more portable than my old board is for that gruelling lug back up the hill from Carbis at the end of the day.
Rolling the board back up around the Titan pump is made a touch trickier with the stiffness of the quad stringers but they really do appear to work as the board feels much stiffer than my old Ride at 15-18PSI. I counted 175 pump strokes in total to get to about 17PSI. 75 on the initial setting and then a further 100 with the bypass valve removed. Seemed a bit quicker to inflate than my old board but that might also be due to improvements over my early 2015 Titan pump (according to the blurb).
It’s great that everything fit into the one bag - so no more separate paddle bag and everything does get back into the bag easily enough although you do need to make sure you get all the air out of the board which seems to entail me rolling it up and unrolling it a couple of times - but I’m getting the hang of it.
The 5 piece carbon Paddle is exquisite (and a super touch) and the whole concept comes together as a really well thought out solution to the problem of moving your SUP equipment around when you’re between paddles. As a recreational paddler, I want a board that’ll do a variety of things; from lazy river paddles to messing around in small surf and exploring coastal bays but it all has to be portable and easy to live with when I’m not on the water and I think the Compact 9’6 will prove to meet all my needs for a long time to come.

David Horowth
Értékelés megtekintése 23rd december 2018
Used for All-round

I'm not normally a big ones for reviews but I feel compelled to write a quick one for the Compact. I picked mine up last week before heading off on a family holiday. This board is brilliant. So easy to travel with (we checked all the families luggage onto the plane and the Compact was tagged and sent on it's way easily, which is more than can be said for our suitcase, which we had to haul to Oversize - Something ironic about that!). We've been on the board all day since we have arrived. I love the features like the 5 piece paddle and the click fins - both are easy to use and make the difference. We've been packing the board up every night as we don't have anywhere to store it and once you've rolled it a couple of times you get the hang of it.

All in all this is a great board that we are really enjoying.

SUP Racer
Értékelés megtekintése 7th november 2018
Used for All-round

The 9’6″ Compact from Red Paddle Co does what its name suggests, embracing a bunch of innovative features to produce a board that inflates to full-size but packs down into a pint-sized backpack.

As someone who travels obsessively-light, the Red Compact is a dream come true. It is, quite possibly, the world’s first carry-on SUP*. Like the Macbook Air of the paddleboarding world, the Compact has almost all the same features and quality as its bigger brothers and sisters but in a much smaller package.

Red achieves this by making a board you can fold in half, widthways, before rolling up, essentially creating a fat little cube instead of the elongated bulk of a regular inflatable. Throw in a twin-fin setup and Red’s new patent-pending “PACT” technology, and we’ve now got a board that fits in a normal-sized backpack.

SUP International
Értékelés megtekintése 7th november 2018
Used for All-round

The Compact is likely the most polished, well thought-out inflatable package we've tested yet. It really does take up about half the space of a regular iSUP when stowed; in scenarios like yachts, family cars packaged for holidays, airplanes and keeping your kit at work, this is the difference between having a board and going paddling, and not. Performance wise it's a real treat; a light, nimble, go-anywhere do-anything paddling platform.

If you're not grinning by the time you've unpacked and inflated it, you will be one the Compact is on the water. We found the length to width ratio makes a really stable, manoeuvrable board for explpring rocky, rough corners of the Cornish coast line.

This is a premium product with no compromise in performance aimed at keen paddlers who find board storage and transport issues are keeping them off the water.

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