Women’s Luxury Towelling Change Robe

Get Changed In Comfort And Style
Trouver Une Boutique

Say farewell to those awkward car park changing moments with our luxury towel changing robe. Super soft and warm with a design to ensure your modesty is always protected makes this the ultimate accessory for changing before or after getting on the water.

Change Out Of Your Wet Kit In Style With Our High Quality Change Robe

Many beach goers will have experienced the awkwardness of trying to get changed out of wet swimwear or wetsuits either in the car park or on the beach. With a traditional towel this can involve the potential for an embarrasing moment or two which is why we have developed this awesome towelling changing robe to make life easier.

Not only will it save any embarrassment, but the super soft, warm, cotton fabric will get you dry in a flash and keep you warm in the process. The sleeves have been designed to ensure your modesty is kept in tact but don’t get in the way whilst getting changed.

Available in 3 different sizes so you can find your perfect fit:

Small / Kids: 4”- 5’1” (122cm – 155cm)
Medium: Recommended for 5’1″-5’10” (155cm – 178cm)
Large: Recommended for 5’11” – 6’5″ (179cm – 195cm)


Product Features

1. Heavy weight 430 gsm 100% cotton

Absorbent luxurious cotton towelling dries you quickly

2. Avoid exposure with sleeves and generous sizing

Large enough to easily get your arms inside without exposing yourself whilst getting changed

3. Large pockets

Keep your hands warm and out of the wind

4. Draw cord hood

Shield yourself from the elements when the wind starts blowing

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