Paddleboarden in der Ungarischen Tiefebene: der Theiß-See

The mighty river Tisza snakes through four eastern-European countries, but it has left its mark upon the wild beauty of eastern Hungary.  In 1973, a damming project on the river Tisza caused it to spill across some of the wilderness of the Great Plain, creating the expansive waterways of Tisza Lake, or Tisza-tó as the Hungarians call it. They now provide a 127km² oasis for the myriad of flora, fauna and avifauna which live in and around the water, as well as a fresh perspective for those wishing to experience this striking landscape by paddle boarding the Hungarian plain.

The landscape lends itself to paddle boarding, indeed the autonomy and flexibility which a SUP offers makes it, in our view, the best way to explore this scenic reserve. You can follow the water as it gently winds between banks fringed with wild grasses where herons stalk, or around tiny forest-capped islands, or you can set your paddle down and drift along expanses of glassy water, watching the horizon mirrored at your feet. Paddle boarding the Hungarian plain gives you the freedom to explore this intriguing mosaic of wetlands unencumbered and the advantages of gliding quietly along mean you won’t need binoculars; the wildlife will come to you!


Good to know

Tisza Lake is very safe to paddle, with an average depth of just 1.3 metres and calm slow-moving water. There can be branches under the water in some areas, but these are easy to spot and avoid. We recommend checking the weather forecast before setting out but in the unlikely event of sudden high winds or stormy weather you can easily reach the shore.

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