10’8″ Ride MSL

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Kenelle? Isokokoisemmille ja perhesuppaajille

Ride-perhe on valikoimamme monipuolisin lautamallisto, mutta olemme kuitenkin tunnistaneet isokokoisempien kuskien tarpeen lautaan, joka tarjoaa enemmän vakautta. Tässä 10’8” Ride astuu kuvaan.

Laudassa on kaikki samat ominaisuudet kuin 9’8”:ssa ja 10’6”:ssa, mutta se on 863mm/ 34” mitoillaan kaksi tuumaa leveämpi ja tilavuudeltaan 56 litraa isompi, ja siksi vakaampi ajaa. 120mm/ 4.7” paksuus tuo lautaan lisää jäykkyyttä jo matalammilla ilmanpaineilla. Itse asiassa 10’8” Ride on 40% jäykempi kuin standardi 100mm/ 4” lauta samalla ilmanpaineella. Toinen 10’8”:n etu on, että voit ottaa helposti laudan kyytiin myös pienen matkustajan. Tästä syystä perhesuppaajat suosivat tätä isompaa Ridea pienempien sijaan.

34" / 863mm
4.7" / 120mm
270 litres
Rider weight
up to 120kg / 265 lb
Hallituksen paino
10.5 kg / 23.1 lb
Laukun korkeus
96 cm / 37.7"
Laukun leveys
39 cm / 15.35 "
Laukun syvyys
36 cm / 14.17"
Moulded iFin system
Laukun tilavuus
150 litres
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What's included with the 10'8" Ride inflatable SUP

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4 reviews
Kirjoita arvio
Arvosteltu 7th marraskuu 2018

Having hired a couple of rigid boards over the last couple of years, finally decided to get a red paddle 10'8, used it last week in France for the first time. A few tried to convince me to buy an alternative brand but so pleased I didn't, the videos are fab, the product is excellent, it goes back in the bag easily and it's even easier than putting a surfboard on the roof. Their customer service is fab (especially John), their product is great and can't wait to get back on the water, only downside is I think I need to get another one and I can't decide which one !! Thanks Red Paddle

Arvosteltu 25th heinäkuu 2018
Käyttötarkoitus All-round

We bought the 10'8 mainly as we have two small children that we would like to take on the water and introduce them to water sports so far we all love it. My wife has never done much on the water. But she loves it also. Nice and stable and it goes along quite nicely. Easy to use and really practical to take in the car/camper. Great fun.

Arvosteltu 15th kesäkuu 2018
Käyttötarkoitus All-round, Surf, Junior

These Red Paddle Co boards are incredible! They are surprisingly rigid (especially when you pump them up to 21 PSI) and so much fun to paddle on.

Pumping them up is definitely a challenge, but I see it as a quick workout before my paddle boarding workout. If I push hard, I can inflate a board all the way to 21 PSI in ~4 minutes. Though to be fair, I'm 6 feet tall, 215 pounds, and lift weights regularly. My 5 foot tall, 100 pound sister could hardly even get the pump to move after 15 PSI. The good news is, if you're that light, you don't really need to inflate it beyond 15 PSI, even on the 9'8 board.

I got the Ride 10'8 and 9'8 boards. The 10'8 is so big and stable it feels like a boat. I’ve taken 2 kids (~30 pounds, ~60 pounds, and me at 215 pounds = 305 pounds!) on that board and felt solid and stable (though as I said, I usually pump them up to 21 PSI). This is also the board I use when introducing people to paddle boarding. It's great for learning the sport.

Though I'm technically over the weight limit, I actually love riding the 9'8 board. I can't take kids on it, and it's definitely less stable than the bigger board, but it's smaller and more agile, which makes it tons of fun. My 9 year old son and 7 year old daughter have also done surprisingly well learning to paddle on this board.

I’ve only paddle boarded 20-30 times, so I'm not exactly an advanced rider, but as always your mileage may vary.

Arvosteltu 24th maaliskuu 2017
Käyttötarkoitus All-round

Loyal customer of Red Paddle Co! I've tested multiple inflatable SUP brands and i've never found one quite like it! Love it.

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