10’6″ Ride MSL SUP

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Jos voisit omistaa vain yhden Red Paddle Co-laudan, Ride 10’6” olisi se lauta, jota suosittelisimme sinulle – se on jo maailman suosituin ilmatäytteinen SUP.

Laudan suosio perustuu sen monipuolisuuteen. 10’6” Ride on suunniteltu kellumaan ja liukumaan helposti tasaisessa vedessä, ja laudan muodossa on juuri sopiva määrä kaartuvuutta, joka saa laudan surffaamaan pehmeästi ja ennakoitavasti aallossa, riippumatta siitä millainen suppaaja olet. Laudan 120mm/ 4.7” paksuus lisää laudan jäykkyyttä vaikuttamatta silti laudan kulkuun ja suorituskykyyn. Keulan cargo-kiinnitys viimeistelee tämän ikonisen paketin.

240 litres
Rider weight
Up to 100kgs/220lbs
Board weight
9.9 kg / 21.78 lb
Bag height
96 cm / 37.7 "
Bag width
39 cm / 15.35 "
Bag depth
36 cm / 14.17"
Mouled iFin system
Bag Volume
150 litres
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What's Included with the 10'6" Ride Inflatable SUP

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8 reviews
Kirjoita arvio
Arvosteltu 7th marraskuu 2018
Käyttötarkoitus All-round

Great company who stand behind their high quality products. After experiencing a minor problem with my 2015 10'6 ride, I contacted Red Paddle Co, and they promptly dealt with the issue in a very professional way. You could tell they were disappointed that any of their customers had experienced an issue, despite how minor it was. I am now more than happy with the result, and their communication throughout was excellent.
I have travelled from Australia all around California and Nevada having many paddle adventures with this board, and find it perfect for that purpose. And it's a great board for friends to try out at home as it's a bit more forgiving than a fibreglass/carbon board.
Overall- very high quality boards and backed by great customer service/support

Arvosteltu 7th marraskuu 2018
Käyttötarkoitus All-round

I love my Ride 10’6 Board! There was a minor hiccup with shipping(board arrived before the paddle and we had a time crunch with a flight ) but it was resolved quickly and I was able to enjoy my vacation with my SUP, the board is amazing! So easy to pump up and great on the water! Im getting myself packed up for a little solo multi day trip this week! Any interaction with staff have been fantastic & helpful!

Arvosteltu 7th marraskuu 2018
Käyttötarkoitus All-round

Red Paddle Co, is simply put, the best SUP Brand, in the World!! Their proprietary technology mixed with the fact that they build all of their own boards, ensures that the absolute best, highest quality Boards and Accessories are hitting the market.

Arvosteltu 7th marraskuu 2018
Käyttötarkoitus All-round

The Ride models can take a beating! Pump is just as good now as when it was new.
In my opinion the Carbon vario 3 piece is un snapperable? luckily as in the past I've bent, snapped and lost 1 to the depths (none Red Paddle) Not these they float like a dream.
After care from Red Paddle Co is so impressive!

Arvosteltu 7th marraskuu 2018
Käyttötarkoitus All-round

The Board (10'6 Ride) amazing had some great mini adventure already. The paddle (it's an alloy paddle) is a paddle. The bag everything fits in perfectly, then rolls up and fits on the deck also it fits comfortably on my back, have still to take on a plane.
The customer focus 6star. Well done Red keep it up.

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