How to dispose of your board packaging

When you receive your Red Paddle Co SUP, it may come as a surprise that the board and some of the accessories are wrapped in plastic packaging. 

This packaging is required so our boards don’t get any scratches or scrapes during transportation from the factory and arrive with our customers in the premium condition expected of all Red Paddle Co products. 

Not just another plastic bag.


As part of our Eco Directive and ‘Taking Steps’ principle, we set ourselves the goal to make the packaging you receive with your board as responsible as possible. The next step in this journey for our 2021 range of boards is fully compostable plastic packaging. 

To help us understand how to correctly dispose of the packaging, we asked in our resident Eco Expert, (and Head of Design) Phil Hawthorne to explain all …   

What is compostable packaging and how does it work?

It’s packaging, that when left in the environment it will decay into a natural biomass. Our packaging is a biodegradable polymer made from non-toxic natural recycled materials, that will be broken down by microorganisms in 180 days.

The composting process turns the packaging into CO2, H2O and high-quality organic fertilizers, all without generating any poisonous gas. This means no matter where the packaging ends up, at its end of life the material will disintegrate completely and become nutrients in the ground. And as the material will break down entirely, it can be easily disposed of

How do I dispose of the packaging?

When you open your new board bag, you’ll see some of the key items (paddle board and Titan II pump) are wrapped-up. This packaging is the compostable biodegradable blow filmed resin.

As soon as the bags are no longer needed, they can be placed in your general waste bin and that’s it! Once in the ground the material will begin to decompose and will be reabsorbed back into the environment to become nutrients ready for their next state.

We chose this packaging so you (our customers) didn’t have to think too much when it came to disposal of any waste and as the packaging corresponds with American and European food contact safety standards, it can be used across all our key markets.

Why are there no directions for disposal on the packaging itself?

As it stands, we haven’t found a suitable printing medium for the packaging and we didn’t want to compromise on our circular economy principles by using signage on the bags at this stage.

What about the rest?

Over the years we have made positive steps to improving our board package packaging. For example, last year we moved away from our PVC fin protectors and replaced them with cardboard alternatives and this year we wanted to improve upon that. 

Here are a few of the other packaging items we use and how to dispose of them 

corugated carton


The shipping carton which holds multiple boards to go to our retailers and distributors uses is corrugated cardboard with soy-based inks and uses industrial staples for its main fabrication. This makes it super strong and means we use less glue in our packaging to improve recovery after disposal. 

positive packaging fins


The ifins on your board are protected using recyclable cardboard protectors which also helps to protect the overall board when rolled-up.

These can be kept and re-used or simply placed in your home recycling.  

positive packaging boxes


All our board packages are packed in an outer box made from recyclable cardboard. The board itself inside the box and compostable bag is protected with heavier gauge recyclable mottled brown paper – this can also be easily recycled with your carboard and paper recycling.

What's Next?

While we are not quite there yet, the changes that we have made have pushed us ever closer to our goal of 100% compostable packaging. The new compostable plastic packaging is currently used on our 2021 boards and pumps. We are taking steps to transform the packaging on the leashes and all our paddles and are working towards replacing all plastic packaging by the end of the year