What to Wear Paddle Boarding?

For those of you new to SUP, we bet you didn’t realize just how easily accessible the sport was. We often get asked What to wear sup boarding? So we’ve pulled together a few recommendations to help you look the part. The good news is you needn’t have fancy expensive garments to hit the water, in fact, as long as you have some sort of active/leisure clothing, you’re pretty much ready to go.

With tips from us all here at Red Paddle Co HQ and professional paddleboarder, Sam Ross, let us give you our Paddle boarding what to wear guide!

What to wear paddle boarding UK / USA / Europe / Australia / everywhere!

So the first thing to note is that some of you are fortunate enough to live in places where it can be hot, (or cold) all year round. So we have based our what to wear guide on ‘normal seasons’. You can simply adjust our recommendations as you see fit for your climate!

Clothing for Summer SUP Boarding:

friends paddle boarding together wearing board shorts

Probably our favourite time of year and the most popular time of year for paddle boarding – Summer. In terms of clothing, its probably one of the easiest months to dress for as well.

With average air temperatures of 20 degrees in most European countries, you can be safe in the knowledge, you probably won’t be getting too much of a chill when you hit the water!

Guy paddling in shorts and hoody

For both males and females, we recommend board shorts and some sort of light-weight tee-shirt, not forgetting a hat to shelter your face from the sun and easy layer for when a cooler breeze blows.

Girl paddles aways wearing shorts and vest top

Girls you can also pop a bikini or swimsuit on while riding your SUP, especially if you plan on taking a dip and cooling off in the water.

Be sun smart with your paddle boarding clothing

Spending the whole day paddle boarding is an amazing activity to enjoy during the summer months but always keep in mind how long you spend out on the water. You are more vulnerable to sunburn as the sunlight will reflect back up from the water so be sure  to protect yourself with sunscreen and carry layers during longer tours or when paddling through into cooler evenings.

A couple paddle board into camp to meet friends on riverside

It is especially important if you are paddling on the coast where a breeze may mask just how hot your skin is getting as you ride your SUP.

Spring/Autumn Paddleboarding wear:

Man runs across river with paddle board

As the seasons change you may find you need to add a few more layers to your SUP outfit in order to stay comfortable but very little changes are required from your summer attire.

Outdoor clothing for paddle boarding

Adding an extra layer and potentially, some neoprene shoe boots, or a light water proof jacket will give you added protection depending on the outside temperature.

Of course, if you’re more prone to the cold, you can wear as many layers as you wish. We find body warmers or a high tech gilet paired with a lightweight long sleeve top is a perfect outfit for SUP during the Spring and Autumn seasons.

man paddles down river wearing suitable clothing for SUP

What to wear Paddleboarding in Winter?

Nuria Goma wearing winter clothing on our 810 Whip inflatable paddle board

Winter attire really depends on what you plan to do. If it’s riding the waves on our 8’10” Whip SUP, then we would advise a full-length wetsuit with gloves and neoprene boots to keep you toasty for your winter paddling. If you plan to just go for a recreational paddle on a Touring paddle board, you will be able to avoid splashing the cash on a wetsuit and alternatively, wear some thermal base layers, a waterproof top and waterproof trousers.

Remember being active will help keep you warm in winter on your SUP so don’t overdress. Thinner layers are easier to regulate your temperature when you are on your paddleboard.

What shoes to wear Paddle Boarding?

This is again going to depend on temperature. The grip on the top of our boards is designed for bare feet, so if it is warm, you don’t need to wear any shoes paddle boarding. If the temperature drops and you still want to get out on your SUP, then light barefoot trainers or neoprene boots are a good option even in Winter.

good shoes for paddle boarding

Be careful of outdoor shoes with grips because stones might get wedged in which could damage the top of your board. We advise you don’t wear heavy shoes because in the unfortunate event you fall in, they will make it more difficult for you to get back on-board your SUP.

Footwear On-board SUP

What to wear for SUP Yoga?

Girl performs sup yoga pose in SUP leggings

Stretch out on our 10’8 Activ MSL board.

For SUP Yoga, you need to be comfortable and have the freedom to move and stretch with ease. Consider the seasonal dress tips above but in most instances, your normal yoga or gym wear is going to work fine.

Girl on paddle board doing SUP yoga

There are now plenty of brands with stylish and comfortable leggings which are perfect for SUP yoga practice and day to day paddling. One of our favourite brands is Lulu Lemon – these guys offer a great range of leggings, joggers and tops and are designed for performing yoga moves and for paddling longer distances.

SUP Yoga Paddleboarding in Devon, England

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