13’2″ Voyager+

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Who's it for? Life’s adventurers – take all your kit on your next expedition

Touring and long-distance exploring with the Voyager range

Calling all life’s adventurers… The 13’2” Voyager+ inflatable SUP was created with epic adventures in mind and is the board of choice of many extreme explorers around the world.

High sides, large volume and narrower width make it a high-speed cruiser, designed for competent paddlers. It’s got a 6 point cargo tie-down system at the front and 4 point cargo tie-down system at the back for all your gear (check out our dry bags), and an extra-grippy traction pad to help keep your kit in place at the rear.

Like the 12’6” Voyager, it has a RSS battens for increased stiffness and glide when loaded with gear, a removable fin from world leading surfboard fin creators FCS, which slots into the fin box easily by hand and are secured in place with a finger bolt.  5 embroidered carry handles on the board make portaging easy and comfortable whilst also being soft under foot. The Red embossed diamond cut deck pad offers unrivalled grip so you can focus on paddling.

The 13’2″ Voyager+ also features a nose runner fin on the underside of the board to aid tracking in side winds, as well as two rear runner fins to cancel out ‘tail drift’ when the board is loaded with gear. And of course, it comes in our easily transportable All Terrain backpack and our industry leading Titan pump as standard.

30" / 762mm
5.9"/ 150mm
350 litres
Rider weight
up to 150kgs / 330lbs
Board weight
11.5kg / 25.3lb
Bag height
96 cm / 37.7 "
Bag width
39 cm / 15.35 "
Bag depth
36 cm / 14.17"
Bag volume
150 litres
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What's included with the 13'2" Voyager inflatable paddle board

All Terrain Backpack | Titan Pump | FCS Connect Fins | RSS Battens | Repair Kit | Water Resistant Phone Case


7 reviews
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Matt E
Reviewed on 15th June 2018

This is the 5th SUP I've bought. Even after buying an expensive race board this board gets by far the most use. Works well everywhere from ocean swells to whitewater. Fast and stable usually contradict but Red managed to put both together in this board. So stable I carried a (large) kayaker I rescued and their boat alongside back to shore. I responded to a coast guard distress call too with it and got a boat off a rock which nobody else dared to go near. I would use this board in place of my proper sea kayak for an overnight camping trip. It easily keeps up with sea kayaks. Great from beginner to expert in all various SUP uses from quick fitness paddles on calm water to carrying heavy cargo in rough water and recently I've found myself doing freestyle tricks which I don't know if is a thing but it's fun and great exercise for agility, balance, and heart rate and being inflatable means I feel safer at the idea of face planting on it. No other board I've ever used is as versatile.

Alix Harvey
Reviewed on 31st July 2017
Used for All-round, Touring

I've been using this board for about three months around the Devon coastline - I absolutely love it. Can fit loads of equipment on it and spend all day on the water, or even bring a friend. Really fast and tracks really well. Can't recommend it enough.

Titus - SUP Norway
Reviewed on 31st July 2017
Used for Touring

I used this board (2016 model) to paddle the longest navigable fjord in the world (Sognefjord) 204Km in 3 days carrying 30Kgs.
I have bought 10 explorers for my SUP expeditions for my business (SUPNorway.com) and I'm buying 2 x 2017 13'2" explorers more next week.
These are great boards. Ended up in a gnarly situation with 8 boards getting pounded on rocks by chest high waves from a tanker wake. If I'd had my carbon board it would have meant disaster. All boards hardly scratched.
Nuff said!

Rick Owen
Reviewed on 31st July 2017
Used for Touring

I bought the 13ft2 Explorer as a progression from the 10ft6 Ride. Differences? The Ride is more manoeuvrable, the Explorer is more stable, glides and tracks much better. The Ride has fixed fins underneath which roll up with the board when you're done, the Explorer has a removable carbon fibre skeg which I will come to later.....
I usually go to Ross on Wye for my weekly session. Being a creature of habit I head upstream for 2 hours then have a leisurely drift back for an hour. This works very well, I am nice and relaxed at the end! When I used the Ride, it was a 3 hour trip, but with the Explorer it's about 30mins less and a lot less effort. When I get to my turning point, there are some shallow gravel beds. With the Explorer I take the skeg off and use the board like an air bed - it is extremely comfortable and I have nodded off several times on it. Think - slightly hard hotel bed and you'd not be far wrong.
I know we're all supposed to be racers and all that but lets be honest I'm a 55 year old bloke after some gentle exercise and relaxation and I am delighted with my Explorer. (I was delighted with my Ride, but that's progress!) I fitted the stiffening battens once, for me a non-essential item. I only blow the board up to 1 Bar after all I want a comfortable bed later on.
You can go in nearly all weathers with a decent wetsuit, you have to watch the water levels though. I went when it was 2degC and was fine, I have some 7mm neoprene mittens so my fingers don't fall off and a woolly hat.
The river is a fantastic place to be, sometimes it's like being in Avatar (the film) with the vibrant colours and the wildlife passing by. I can't think of a better way to enjoy it than on my paddle board.

Rick Owen
Reviewed on 23rd May 2017
Used for Touring

I've owned the 13ft2 Explorer for five months and I am very pleased with it. I first bought a second hand 10ft6 Ride to see if I enjoyed the sport and now I've got the two so I can take friends out on the water. My paddling in the UK is rivers and canals, I am 15 mins from the Wye which is my favourite place. I usually go on my own, so I park up and go 2 hours upstream and have a leisurely 1 hour drift back. When the current on the Wye is strong, I really notice the difference in the two boards. Firstly, the tracking on the Explorer is very good, so you can paddle away on one side without drifting off line. With the Ride I have to paddle both sides, so you lose momentum when you change sides. Secondly the glide is much better with the Explorer. The 3 hour trip on Ride is completed in 2 1/2 hours on the Explorer. Even though the Explorer is much longer it is easier to pack, due to the removable skeg. I have not used the battens very much (once only), if I was keeping the board inflated I would make the effort but I don't bother with them and I only inflate to just over 1 bar and it all feels ok to me. Perhaps if I was more competitive I would, but I'm a 55 year old bloke enjoying a day out on the river! The air pump is fantastic, it gives you a mini warm up before you get out on the water and doesn't take long to do.
All in all, very pleased with both boards. The shorter Ride being more manoeuvreable but harder work both in terms of balance and power required. The Explorer is great, my first choice board and I am very happy with it.

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