What is Paddle Boarding?

Also known as SUP, stand up paddle boarding was first started in Hawaii as an off-shoot of surfing where you propel yourself on a board with a paddle while standing up. Paddle boarding is now the fastest growing water sport worldwide and is both great fun and a great workout!


The rider stands upright on the board, holding a paddle to both propel and manoeuvre the board. As well as offering a great vantage point from which to explore, paddle boarding is a great full body workout, helping to improve balance, core strength and stamina. Also, as you hone your skills, you don’t have to get wet unless you want to – so no need to wear a wetsuit.

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Put simply, the big differences in price across the market today are due in large part to the construction processes and materials used in the creation of a board. The quality and durability of construction are, of course, vital when you consider the importance of safety of the paddler when out on the water. So what are these differences?

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With the award winning Red Paddle Co boards you can paddle just about anywhere… simply unpack, inflate and explore the world around you.

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Owning an inflatable paddle board is all about adventure so you need a board that won’t let you down. We continue to test and develop our technology to ensure the quality of all our products.

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Here we outline some key things to consider when choosing what to wear paddle boarding. We have also designed a premium clothing line specifically for use while paddle boarding.

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We’ve been making award winning inflatable stand up paddle boards since 2008 and our 10’6 Ride Board is the World’s most popular inflatable board for a very good reason.

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If you could only ever have one Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP, the 10’6” Ride MSL would be it! This award-winning SUP is the world’s most popular inflatable SUP and here’s a few reasons why this is THE board for you… 

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