Voyager Range

For life’s explorers, all the kit you’ll need for your next adventure
Stand up paddle boarding is all about exploring, and our Voyager inflatable SUPs are designed for just that. If you’re heading off on a multi-day trip or are just looking to go a bit further with a heap of kit, these are the boards for you.
Calling all life’s adventurers - the ultimate touring boards

For a board that gives you extra stability and rigidity, you need a Voyager inflatable paddle board from Red Paddle Co. Its increased length and thickness compared to an all-round board make it an ideal board for longer outings and for taller, larger paddlers. The extra length also means it can easily handle a child or dog on the front while you paddle, and you can use the extensive cargo areas for camping or picnic gear. You’ll feel extra confident paddling out on this board, knowing that it offers extra stability in all conditions.

vhull 1

V-Hull - Glide like never before

New for 2021: The Revolutionary V-Hull: By cleverly tapering the cut of the drop stitch, the new displacement V-shaped hull on the nose of the Voyager, breaks the surface tension of the water and keeps you gliding through your paddle stroke. The board slices through the water with ease and increased speed. This is a real game changer!
New for 2021: The Twin Fin
Improving tracking and glide! Plus, two shorter fins means, you’ll be able to get into much shallower waters, opening up a wider variety of waterways to paddle. Another bonus, you can load your board with all of your gear and it will remain super stable on land.
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Unrivalled Stiffness - RSS

Our exclusive MSL technology combined with our patented RSS system makes this board stiffer at lower pressures compared to other boards on the market – something you’ll really appreciate when your board is loaded up.

Super stable and durable

making them ideal for carrying camping gear, whilst their profiled noses make them perfect for cruising enabling you to paddle further for longer.

So, what do you get?

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All Terrain Bag

Take your SUP with you wherever you go because when the water calls, what can you do but answer?

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Essential Kit

What's a ding when you have a handy repair kit? With spare parts and essential tools, the fun never ends.

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Titan II Pump

Our newly refined industry-leading Titan II pump takes you from neatly-packed to fully-inflated in half the time, with half the effort.

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Our Voyager boards have a twin US fin box system. allowing a shorter fin to be installed and improves traction.

5 Year Warranty.

Every board we produce is crafted in our own private facility and comes with a five-year warranty. We use a unique manufacturing process and it takes an average of 72 hours to create each paddleboard - that's 10 times longer than the industry average! Watch how we make our boards:

Watch how we make our boards

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Voyager 12'6

Stable long distance tourer
  • 12'6 x 32" x 5.9"
  • V-Hull Technology
  • Twin Fin System
  • Riders up to 150kg
product page voyager 132 1 03

VOyager 13'2

Streamline long distance tourer
  • 13'2 x 30" x 5.9"
  • V-Hull Technology
  • Twin Fin System
  • Riders up to 120kg
sport 12 6 fbs

Sport 12'6

Speedy touring board
  • 12'6 x 30" x 4.7"
  • Speed Tail System
  • Single Touring fin
  • Riders up to 120kg
sport 11 3 se fbs

Sport 11'3 SE

Colourful, stable tourer
  • 11'3 x 32" x 4.7"
  • Speed Tail System
  • Single Touring FIn
  • Riders up to 110kg