Top 10 Inspiring SUP Adventurers to follow on Instagram

If, like us, you love to travel and enjoy the great outdoors, then you’re probably already following some awesome inspirational accounts on Instagram. Yep, the platform is full of incredible explorers, mountaineers, travellers and SUP adventurers and it’s easy to get lost in a world of wanderlust.

So, take a break from all the scrolling and check out 10 of our favourite adventure accounts below. Not only do they all share our passion for SUP and exploration, they all make a living doing what they love!

10 SUP adventurers on Instagram with the coolest jobs in the world

  1. Nuria Goma: @nuriagoma

At first glance, it is hard to believe that Nuria Goma was once a full-time office banker! However, she realised her dreams and threw caution to the wind (quite literally in her case) to make her lifestyle her profession. Her passion for kite-surfing and travel is infectious and her incredible strength and spirit is truly reflected in every picture she posts. Plus, upping the inspirational points, she’s currently pregnant and still getting out on the water!

For a little more escapism, check out Nuria’s video shot in the mind-blowingly beautiful terrain of Iceland featuring some epic kitesurfing and SUP action – I get lost in a daydream every time I watch it!

Nuria Paddle Boarder

2. GlobalShots: @globalshots

GlobalShots aka Jay and Bethany have been making films about the things they love (action sports, travel and adventure) for nearly 10 years. The Red Paddle Co team have had the pleasure of working with this creative couple on a number of our campaigns (see them action in our BTS video) and they continue to amaze us with their inspired vision. Travelling the world to far flung locations and working for a range of super cool brands, the camera is never far from their side. We guarantee you’ll repeatedly be hitting the heart button!


3.     Charlotte Piho: @charlottepiho

We often find ourselves day-dreaming of warm waters and sunset SUPs while scrolling through Charlotte Piho’s Instagram account. The beautifully talented and down to earth SUP Yoga instructor spends most of her days out on the water in the Cook Islands where she offers life-changing and empowering SUP Yoga retreats. So, if you’ve always wanted to give SUP yoga a try or have been on the hunt for the ultimate SUP paradise, then pop the Cook Islands on your bucket list.

Charlotte Phio Sup Yoga

4. Guillaumener: @guillaumenery

Every time I flick through to Guillaume’s Instagram page I find myself holding my breath. Guillaume’s passion and profession is free-diving, so to say his pictures are breathtakingly beautiful is pretty accurate. Submerging himself into the depths of the ocean, he captures some simply awe-inspiring imagery. For those of you who are more accustomed to paddling on top of the water, this account gives you a gentle reminder there are some incredible creatures lurking beneath the surface – Guillaume included.

Free Diver - Instagram

5. Brooke Wilson: @brookewilson

Although Brooke claims she is not a ‘professional photographer’ she certainly has an eye for finding spectacular locations and sharing some incredible imagery. She encapsulates her “thirsty heart for adventure and travel” through her hashtag #freshairandfreedom and often collaborates with photographers, videographers and fellow outdoor enthusiasts. If she’s not up a snow-covered mountain, trekking through the wilderness or paddling down river she’s huddled with a cuppa next to her tent. Seriously, does this girl ever go home? 😉

Brooke Instagram Adventurer

6. Given Time: @svgiventime

The Given Time crew are relatively new to Instagram but don’t let that put you off, as this is an account you need to follow. They’re at the start of their 5-year expedition and research mission that will see them circumnavigate the globe in their custom-built yacht. As the lead vessel in a collaborative marine ecology project, Given Time has a primary end goal; to protect and preserve our oceans. We all have a responsibility to save our oceans and Connor and Sarah plan to share the best and the worst of the imagery, video and human stories they discover on their travels. Head to their website for more information on this crucial mission and show your support.

Given Time sailing research instagram

7. Tenacious Tom: @tenacious_tom13

Meet Tenacious Tom…this guy has so much energy and thirst for life on the water you’ll be hard pushed to find a photo of him on dry land! Based in Orlando, Florida he often posts images of some great locations to paddle in the USA and around the world. Tom’s a super nice guy who’s passionate about getting people out on the water, so if you need some SUP inspiration then drop Tom a follow.

Follow Tenacious Tom instagram

8. New Adventure: @nudaventure

Another super-cool, super-lovely couple with a shared passion for sport, adventure and living life to the full. With her background in yoga and his in paragliding (plus SUP, surf and freediving) it made complete sense for Lohene and Fabrizio to join forces and form the travel company NuAdventure. They specialise in adventure retreats with a holistic approach and have true appreciation for nature and the activities that bring them closer to it. Their feed is full of dreamy turquoise blue waters and SUP adventures in Sardinia…what’s not to love?

NuAdventure Instagram

9. Sara Pinton: @SaraWnc

A talented journalist and Web Manager at Ski Pass, it’s safe to say Sara heads out to some pretty incredible locations. As comfortable on the water as she is on her ski’s, her job takes her around the world and she capture’s some pretty epic photos while she is at it.

SUP and Ski adventurer

10. Paddy O’Connell: @paddyroc

Ok, so Paddy is not necessarily a SUP enthusiast, although he did join us in Barbados for the Dragon World Championships last year, placing 7th with his team ‘Not Latvia’. By day this chap is a freelance writer, ski fanatic and one of the funniest guys we’ve had the pleasure of meeting in a while! Wherever he goes, Paddy brings joy and laughter and his account is filled with incredible mountainous landscapes, off-piste action shots and everything in between. His witty insta-stories often keep us chuckling here at Red Paddle Co HQ and if you ever need a reminder not to take life too seriously, then Paddy’s your man. Enjoy.

Paddy O'Connel instagram pics

Words by Robyn Dawson