Thompson River Good times

With a crew of 31 people it was going to be an interesting adventure to say the least. Two nights, three days we packed our S.U.P boards to get set for the excursion down the spectacular Thompson River. We had a wide range of characters from newbies to experienced S.U.P river paddlers setting up for the quest. Goodtimes, exhilaration, nervous of the anticipation of what lies ahead to the new river experience for some on the Thompson, white water up to class 3 and over 120 km ahead of us. Packing our dry bags with a full kit of flavorful food, tasty wine and chilled beers in coolers and all sorts of other yummy treats and goodies that made for that much more of a sweet fun filled journey.


The Thompson River is located in the southern central interior of British Columbia with a more desert arid climate. After the last week prior to the journey we were hit with heavy rain out on the west coast near Squamish and Vancouver but the weather was lining up perfectly for this trip. Sunrises and sunsets, full moon and clear skies where to light our way through the majestic waterways of the beautiful Thompson River.


3 days 31 amazing people coming together it was quite spectacular to see that many people having so much fun and facing new challenges and so much great support for one another. Laughing, cheering, wild bronco rides through the rapids, dancing and laughing under the moonlight, meeting new friends.


Enjoying the kind offering of the river and our surroundings we all did and big thanks goes out.

To the life of adventure and sharing in the good times and the sweet S.U.P surf river cruisers may we all ride on. Thanks to everyone and the Thompson river good times.