Three Cliffs River Paddle on the Gower Coast, South Wales

United Kingdom

Route recommended by:

Stuart Gammon

I have paddled this numerous times and is one of the most amazing paddling experiences I’ve ever done and definitely in my top five. 

This is an amazing paddle experience which starts at the Heritage Centre, on the Gower coast in South Wales. The route takes you past the most spectacular scenery, including views of Pennard Castle, which overlooks the river. 

The route winds towards the sea entrance and there is plenty to see along the way including a variety of wildlife from storks, birds and lots of cows and their calves walking and grazing along the riverbank. 



If it’s a summer evening paddle you might be lucky enough to see the most incredible sunset, where both the sky and the ocean turn red! 

Route Directions

  1. . On a high tide you can start the paddle from the river that starts in the carpark at the Heritage centre, by paddling underneath the road via an amazing stone tunnel and involves laying face flat on your board and also hanging on to your paddle!
  2. .On a low tide the river starts a little further downstream so after a short walk through the woods you can then launch from the riverbank, paddling in complete peace, surrounded by woodland and trees for a short time.
  3. .When the river gradually widens one of the first things, you'll see is Pennard Castle in the distance.
  4. . As you make your way to the entrance of the sea, it's at this point you'll be able to hear the ocean, feel the water filling up the river as you paddle towards the sea and then you will see the Three Cliffs in the distance.
  5. .Continue and head towards the sea - the Three Cliffs tower above the ocean is a spectacular sight and this is the time to get your camera ready!
  6. .You can choose to paddle out to the Cliffs, and on a calm day paddle through the tunnel in the rocks.
  7. .At the entrance to the sea there is a beautiful lagoon to paddle around and there is a sandbank where you can sit and relax before your paddle back up the river.

Local Knowledge

Sat Nav
Nearest Parking

Gower Heritage Centre 

Launch Point

Gower Heritage Centre car park and the riverbank in the woods near the wooden bridge. 

Places to stay
Nicholaston Farm Caravan & Camp Site
Llethryd Barns Bed & Breakfast
Places to Eat/Drink

Things to know

  • For the best paddle experience on this river, its best to go out on a 12.5 m high tide or above 30 mins before, you will then have a 2-hour slot before the river starts to empty.