Paddle boarding in Lake Anne, Virginia

United States

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Steve Gurney - Surf Reston

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Lake Anne in Reston, VA is my favorite place to paddle. The water is calm, there is no boat traffic and it is anchored by Lake Anne Plaza with a variety of shops, restaurants and merchants.

Lake View Photo: By Kit Case – Lake Anne Morning., CC BY-SA 2.0,


Lake Anne was the first Village Center built as part of Robert E. Simon’s (the “RES” in Reston) planned community, Reston. Today the
Plaza sits in a Historic Overlay District, and is home to a diverse and vibrant community.

On Thursday nights and weekends you can paddle down and listen to live music from the water, visit the farmers market on Saturdays.
In August there is a Cardboard Box Regatta and in September there is a SUP Triathlon.
There are several bars and cafes, the Lake Anne Brew House and Lake Anne Wine and Coffee House. You can put your board on the steps and grab a drink or a meal!

Route Directions

Local Knowledge

Sat Nav
1050 Inlet Court, Reston, VA
Nearest Parking

Parking is available immediately on either side of Inlet Court but do not block any homes,  mailboxes or driveways! Use both sides of the street.

Launch Point
The boat ramp for the launch point is right at the intersection of Inlet Court and Wiehle Avenue

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