Explore Your World: A Short Sardinian SUP Adventure

The World’s your oyster on a Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP and Bosa, an ancient fishing village in Sardinia – Italy, is the perfect place for a mini SUP adventure.

Come on a journey with us as local paddlers Lohene and Fabrizio show us the sights of the magical town and its waterways.


red paddle co paddle boards in back of Ape van in Sardinia

On most Sunday mornings at 7am in the medieval village of Bosa, everybody’s still fast asleep. Only the sun is up, lazily running its golden fingers through the twisting rows of pastel-coloured houses, while a chorus of chirping birds welcomes the new day. Today, however, this peaceful ritual is broken by a low mechanical buzz that echoes off the walls and cobblestones in the empty streets. The source of the noise is a bright red three-wheel pickup van with two Red Paddle Co SUP packs in the back. It’s carrying Fabrizio Malandruccolo and his partner, Lohene Couteur, of NuAdventure, an outdoor-travel company based nearby. As it pulls up, Lohene jumps out and shouts ‘Ajo!’ –‘Let’s go!’ in the local Italian dialect. ‘There’s no time to lose,’ she adds, grinning from ear to ear. ‘We’ve got lots to see and the best way to start is paddleboarding down the river to watch the sun rise over the village.’

The Temo river is navigable by boat and runs through the heart of Bosa, from the mountains in the centre of the island, all the way to the sea. We unpack our boards on the quay, unroll
them and start inflating. Within minutes we’re ready. We then attach our leashes, lower the boards into the water and push off. Lohene wasn’t exaggerating – the view is pretty phenomenal from the water.

As we paddle downstream, Fabrizio points out the landmarks, such as the Malaspina Castle, built in 1112, that still dominates the horizon, and tells us more about the real history. ‘Bosa was originally a fishing village,’ he explains, sculling along expertly. ‘All the houses were painted in a different colour so the fishermen could spot which was theirs from the sea. Then it developed as an export hub for local products. We make high-quality olive oil and sweet white wine here – it’s famous throughout Italy.’

Nowadays, the village still undertakes traditional agriculture, but tourism is growing. Fabrizio and Lohene believe it’s essential the area develops sustainably, and that’s why paddle boarding is such a fantastic activity for visitors – it allows tourists to explore without impacting negatively on the landscape.

After an hour on the water, Fabrizio guides us back to the quay and announces that we’re going to hike up to the castle. Pulling his board out of the water, he says: ‘Red Paddle Co boards make life so easy for us. They’re super-practical to deflate and pack on your back, meaning no time wasted.’

We follow the pair through narrow streets that are criss-crossed by stone arches and flanked by pretty wrought-iron balconies verdant with hanging plants. On the way, we stop off for a reviving coffee, before we finally reach the castle.

Up on the ramparts, we survey the view. ‘Bosa’s the ideal starting point for exploring Sardinia,’ says Lohene. ‘There’s so much to explore here, especially on a paddleboard.’ And that’s exactly why we chose the island for the 2018 Red Paddle Co shoot.


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GETTING THERE: Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean, lying west of the Italian mainland and south of France and Corsica. The nearest airport is Alghero-Fertilia, located about 57 Km. Olbia Airport is about 140km, about 2 hours drive.

International airlines operate year-round flights from cities across Europe including Barcelona, Brussels, Dortmund, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Eindhoven, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Munich, Oslo, Paris and Stockholm.

Domestic flights connect with mainland Italian airports including Rome, Milan, Naples, Bari, Bologna, Turin, Venice and Verona.

For more information about Sardinia visit Lonleyplanet.com 

EXPERIENCES: Fabrizio and Lohene from Nuadventure offer spectacular, challenging and inspiring adventures in Sardinia ranging from a 1-day experience to a 7 day retreat. Each trip is unique and the activities included will depend on the weather, time of year and participants but they often combine SUP, hiking, climbing, paragliding and yoga along with incredible Sardinian food. Woven through all of this is a very special kind of hospitality only Lohene and Fabrizio can bring. Fabrizio explains more “Our adventures are set in the wild and varied landscape of Sardinia, where there’s an opportunity to try out or improve a range of activities. We believe in the power of nature, so we’re in it as much as possible. But we also believe in the power of togetherness – helping each other to overcome the challenges we find in our natural landscape. When we’re adventuring by land, across water or through the air, gravity is a constant challenge. And so playing with gravity runs through almost all of the skills we share and practice. It’s an important part of reconnecting with nature – and ourselves.”

Find out more at  nuadventure.nu