Beneath the surface


Every year there is an almost tangible atmosphere here at Red Paddle Co HQ as we plan for our annual photoshoot. It is an atmosphere created from the heady concoction of trepidation, anticipation and excitement as we come to the conclusion of months of planning and years of design, testing and production.

2016 was no different. As the crew of 14 tentatively shook hands at London Gatwick Airport it was clear that this was a team of dedicated professionals selected for their prowess in their respected industries. The team, comprising of two photographers, one drone pilot, two videographers, a Creative Director, Managing Director, shoot assistants, Marketing Managers and four sun-kissed paddlers, were already discussing the plans for the week ahead with keen interest. The buzz was electric; this was going to be good!

Welcome to an exclusive behind the scenes look at what it took to capture some of the most iconic and breath-taking scenes in our 2017 brochure and short film…



Special thanks to Nigel Riches and GlobalShots for the videography and photography in our 2017 launch film and brochure. We’d also like to thank all the team who made our 2017 shoot our best yet!

Here’s to next year!!