Learn to Paddle board

Being passionate paddle boarders first and foremost, we want to make it easy for people to try the sport. There are a lot of SUP schools now but it can be difficult to find them. So we decided to collate all of this information with our learn to paddle board website.

What is Learn to paddle board

Learn2paddleboard.com is the largest global platform for locations around the world that you can ‘learn to paddle board’. We designed the site to make finding a SUP school as easy as possible. Expert tuition is vital to stay safe on the water and prevent injury from poor technique. We hope the platform will enable more people to take up the sport and spend more time at the beach!!

How does it work

All you need to do is head to learn2paddleboard.com and simply enter your location on the home page (or choose a different location depending where you want to learn), select your search radius and the website will show you all of the SUP schools within the criteria you have set. You can then see all of their details and if you would then like to get in contact, click enquire and it will send the school an email. Alternatively, you use the links to head to their website or call them directly.

find a school where you can learn to paddle board on the learn2paddleboard.com website

What else is on there?

Along with a directory of all the best SUP schools that use Red Paddle Co boards, there is a whole host of information about what to expect from your lesson, what to wear and take with you along with some information about staying safe in the water and some tips on purchasing your first board, alternatively you can find your local retailer HERE

Are you a SUP School?

If you are an SUP school and would like to get listed on the site, then please head to the contact us page on the learn2paddleboard.com website here!