Speciality Paddle Boards

From the super rough to the completely relaxed, our purpose-built range of specialist paddle boards allows you to make the most of specific water conditions and activities. Tailored to deliver unrivalled performance when you need it most, they are the true masters of their craft.

The ultimate solution for paddlers who want to spend time and enjoy niche activities, these reliable and durable boards are one of a kind. Designed to fulfil a specific function they each have characteristics and features to ensure the very best experience.

From our 8’10 Whip surf sup through to our purpose made yoga paddle board and our 9’6 Wild designed specifically for white-water seekers – each board in this range is designed to give you the very best performance no matter the specialty.

  • 8’10” Whip MSL SUP Surf Board Package

    Made for surfers who want to take their ride all over the world

  • 10’7″ Windsurf Paddle Board Package

    Great for windsurfing beginners looking for the perfect way into the sport

  • 10’8″ Activ Yoga Paddle Board Package

    Designed specifically for yoga, pilates and fitness fans

  • 9’4″ Snapper Kids SUP Board Package

    Designed for little rippers up to 60kgs/132lbs that want a SUP of their own

  • 9’6″ Wild MSL Whitewater SUP Board Package

    Ideal for white-water kings and queens ready to take on any river