Performance Accessories

Whether it’s a long paddle to the mouth of the river, or a gentle paddle to a nearby picnic area, these Performance Accessories are ideal to make the paddle that extra bit better. Our designers take the same amount of time to produce those perfect boards as they do with the accessories, they only use the best materials and therefore produce the very best products. They’re designed to enable the ultimate experience, whatever your style of paddle boarding, these accessories will make your paddling experience safer, more enjoyable and easier.

There is a wide variety of all sorts of accessories to enjoy on and off your board. The Airbelt Personal Flotation Device (PFD) is the essential safety device for stand up paddle boarders. It is fast and easy to deploy, and is ISO certified. It is specifically designed for paddle boarders, as it is less bulky and allows the user to have their maximum freedom and comfort whilst paddling. There is a large water resistant storage at the front, which is perfect for storing essential items, there are D-ring clip points, that allow ideal attaching sites for other items.

A Red Paddle Co Team favourite is the Dry Pouch. This small bag is 100% water tight, leak-proof, easy attach and easy access that will safely store all essentials for all your on-water adventures. The totally secure and super-durable design will perform to keep contents 100% dry, even if submerged after that ferry boat cruises by. It is big enough to store your keys, wallet and phone for capturing that perfect insta photo. The padded internal pocket means your phone is fully protected, combined with the YKK aquaseal zip offers reassurance NO water will get inside.

The same water-proof aquaseal zip features on our Deck Bag, its 22 litre capacity means you can take a whole range of gear that can be easily accessed on and off the board. On the board, it has specially designed and rather convenient unique luggage tensioning system, meaning the bag stays where you want on the board. The premium high density TPU fabric and Armour Tech will keep items safe on the inside and provides optimum durability.

There are many other brilliantly designed Performance Accessories, go check them out now!

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