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Ultimate Carbon (Fixed)

Who's it for? Those looking for the ultimate paddle performance

Our feather-light Ultimate Carbon paddle has a carbon blade, carbon shaft and t-grip handle. The shaft delivers a controlled flex and maximum power transfer whilst fitting ergonomically into the hand. The paddle is perfect for anyone looking for the ultimate paddle performance in surf, touring or race conditions.

The blade has been designed with a squared shape to deliver a softer catch yet more powerful stroke. The narrower profile enables you to get the paddle closer to the board keeping the paddle more vertical, improving board tracking. It has a double concave blade face that blends nicely into a pronounced dihedral that really adds stability to the stroke eliminating blade wobble. The higher aspect design also reduces the impact on the body and allows for higher cadence without reducing the surface area. 

On the power face of the blade it features a single dihedral down the middle of the blade to allow water to flow evenly off each side creating a smooth and stable stroke, enabling you to deliver more power whilst stabilising the paddle.

FIXED The one for you regular paddlers who aren’t worried about travelling. Cut down the shaft to your size – about six inches above your head – and it’s ‘your’ perfect paddle. The lightest paddle in the Red Paddle Co range.




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