Campeonato mundial de dragones 2017

Posted 31st Oct 2017 by robyndawson Lunes 30 de octubre de 2017, un día para algunos cuando los sueños se hacen realidad y para...Read more

Red Paddle Co 2016 Product Brochure

Posted 14th Jan 2016 by robyndawsonPicture the scene. The sun is setting over a distant horizon, but the air is still balmy and the crystal-clear sea is lapping gently all aro...Read more

triSUP Triathlon Series

Posted 7th Jan 2016 by robyndawsonA new exciting series of alternative Triathlon’s have been launched. The triSUP series is the ultimate alternative triathlon series, wh...Read more

Thompson River Good times

Posted 30th Oct 2015 by robyndawsonWith a crew of 31 people it was going to be an interesting adventure to say the least. Two nights, three days we packed our S.U.P boards to ...Read more

MSL Fusion – The Future is Fusion

Posted 30th Oct 2015 by robyndawsonThe difference is in the detail. By looking at all of the individual elements of drop stitch we have been able to develop a refined proces...Read more