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12’6″ x 28″ Elite Package

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Who's it for? Competitive types racing in the 12'6" class

These inflatable SUPs are long and narrow, which means they are lightning-quick through the water but also very easy to manoeuvre, control, glide and ride. Being inflatable they pack-down and can be easily transported to races all over the world.

Despite its practicality, there’s no compromise on performance. All Elite boards feature unique innovations which can be found on Red Paddle Co boards: The patented Rocker Stiffening System or RSS for short, counters flex with two stiffening battens that are inserted into pockets on the side of the board; Forward Flex Control System (FFC) then stiffens the front section of the board using a carbon compression strut to remove flex that can be created in a race and channels this towards the back of the board increasing overall board speed. The two combined work together to create the fastest inflatable SUP’s currently available on the market.

The board also features double nose fins to aid tracking and displacing water from the deck of the board. The glass fibre centre fin supplied as standard gives the right amount of grip without adding drag, whilst the angled design prevents any debris from getting stuck on the fin. Multiple carry handles are included to provide fast entry and exit of the water and have been designed not to get in the way during racing. The diamond cut, Red embossed deck pad provides ultimate grip in control in all stages of a race.

The 28″ wide Elite is the perfect entry board to racing or those over 110kgs/240lbs, also if the majority of your racing is done on the open ocean then the stability offered by the 28″ Elite allows you to focus more on putting the power down than staying balanced. For more experienced paddlers, the narrower 12’6″ x 26″ Elite offers proven class winning performance in a wide variety of conditions.

Whats included in the package?

All Terrain Backpack | Titan Pump | RSS Battens | Repair Kit | Water Resistant Phone Case | 3 Piece Paddle | Coiled Leash

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Paddle Choices (3 Piece)

red paddle co paddles

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28" / 711mm
5.9" / 150mm
340 litres
Rider weight
up to 120kgs / 265lbs
Board weight
10.2kg / 22.44lb
Bag height
96 cm / 37.7 "
Bag width
39 cm / 15.35 "
Bag depth
36 cm / 14.17"
US Box Fins
Bag volume
150 litres
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For competitive types racing in the 12'6" class

What's included with the 12'6 Elite inflatable SUP

Classic Backpack | Titan Pump | Repair Kit | Water-Resistant Phone Case | US Box Fins | RSS Battens | FFC Rod


2 reviews
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Laura Garbett
Reviewed on 25th October 2017
Used for Race, White Water

I already own the 10'8 RIDE but needed a racing board. I chose the 12'6 RACE board and am very impressed and pleased with it. It is of course narrower than my RIDE however I find it pleasingly stable. With little paddling effort it just takes off like a rocket!

I took it on a 15 Km river descent yesterday and it was excellent. Even through the white water it just stayed stiff and easy to paddle. Yes I fell off a couple of times but hey it was a warm day! My paddling friends are wishing they had one too! Also, it is super light to carry and the fin box is strong, fin also as I did bump one or two rocks with zero damage.

Highly recommend.

Paul Sant
Reviewed on 5th June 2017
Used for Race

Although completely new to paddle boarding the Race 12' 6 has turned out to be a great choice. After 4 outings, the last being 12k on the river Stour, I am now comfortable on it without the initial fear of falling in having initially thought it a tad on the narrow side for my little experience. It accelerates quickly and has great glide and although there are no straps it's easy to rig up something between the 2 front handles.

A really fun board to keep you challenged.


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