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Red Paddle Co 2020 Vision

Posted 26th Sep 2019 by robyndawson A new year. A new look. A new adventure.For 2020 we have foc...Read more

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A beginner’s guide:

Posted 11th Sep 2019 by robyndawsonTips for using your inflatable SUP for the first time You’ve just bought your very first inflatable paddle board and you are understandabl...Read more

Travel Diaries: Meet Jo Pavey

Posted 2nd Aug 2019 by tim-morrisMeet Jo Pavey 5 time Olympian, busy Mum of 2 and sup enthusiast Michelle Meredith  |  1st August 2019 There is no shortage of ev...Read more

The best family paddle boards

Posted 16th Apr 2019 by sarahredpaddlecousa-comThere is nothing better than spending quality time together and embracing the great outdoors as a family. Whether it’s dashing along cycle...Read more

What to Wear Paddle Boarding?

Posted 1st Apr 2019 by redpaddleWe outline some key things to consider when choosing what to wear paddle boarding. We have also designed a premium clothing line specifical...Read more

How To Guide: A SUP Microadventure

Posted 14th Mar 2019 by christiantushingham-comAs modern life gets busier and free time becomes more elusive, it can be difficult for people to find time to escape. This is why an increa...Read more

And the winner is…

Posted 14th Mar 2019 by tim-morrisWe are delighted to announce that the winner of our UK Microadventure Competition is... Cat James Congratulations Cat!* Cat's microadve...Read more