Adventure Calls

The Ultimate Adventure Inflatable Paddle Boards


Robyn Dawson  | 31th July 2019

If you’re looking for that ultimate inflatable paddle board to embark on an epic adventure, then our touring range of inflatable SUPs is for you.  

That said, they’re not exclusively reserved for gnarly, veteran pioneers but for anyone looking to explore somewhere new and exciting. No matter what, if you have a desire to explore than you’re an adventurer in our eyes and you need a board you can trust to take you there – and maybe even beyond.  

“Go further into the wild than ever before”

At 5.9 inches thick, both the 13’2 and 12’6 Voyager sit slightly higher in the water than our all-round boards allowing them to ride through choppier water without soaking all your supplies in the dual tie down system on the deck.

This extra thickness also means they offer unprecedented stiffness when combined with our patented Rocker Stiffening System (RSS) and industry leading MSL material to deliver the ultimate performance for any longer touring adventure.  

“Whenever adventure calls, no matter how big or small, there is a board in our touring range to get you there.”

There are many reasons why our touring boards are perfect for long-distance exploring. Let’s look into a few key reasons why our Sport and Voyager inflatable SUPs will take you further.

More power with every paddle

Their sleek shape means they cut through the water with ease, allowing you to get more power out of every paddle stroke to explore further and faster than ever before. For those looking to cover longer distances or have multi-day paddling trips in mind then the 13’2 Voyager MSL inflatable stand up paddle board is for you. Its added length and slightly narrower width (30 inches) means this is a board to take your adventures and paddling to the next level. 

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“Grab your SUP, pack your bags and create your own adventure.”

A step-up from an all round board

For those wanting a step up from an all-round board or fancy taking a passenger on board, then the slightly shorter 12’6 Voyager MSL offers extra stability at 32 inches wide. This also makes it a favourite amongst heavier riders or those looking for an inflatable SUP which anyone can use own on those slightly more relaxed days with friends and family.  

“High Performance paddling with the Sport range of touring boards…

High Performance Cruising

As your confidence develops you may find you want to paddle further for longer. Our Sport range of inflatable SUP’s is perfect for paddlers looking to up their game – offering more speed and an enhanced paddling experience. The sport boards come in three sizes, each designed for the different type of paddler.

Friends gather on sundeck of yacht as girl paddles on Sport SUP

“The Sport range allows you to take on longer touring trips and truly engross yourself in the great outdoors”

The secret lies in their sleek shape and drawn out nose section which cuts through the water offering a faster more powerful stroke, making for a better glide in a range of paddling conditions.

These boards are not only great for slightly larger paddlers they are an excellent option for families and those looking for easy going adventures. These boards also cruise beautifully with a small passenger on the front. 

Stability and Speed 

The 11’0” Sport paddle board offers fast inflation and is the perfect step-up from the Ride family for the more experienced paddler, offering great flat-water performance for riders up to 90kg in weight. It also features our patented RSS system, offering maximum rigidity and minimal flex.

The 11’3” is suitable for the slightly larger rider (up to 110kg) and with its increased width (32”) makes for a more stable inflatable paddle board. This board can ride waves just as well as it can cruise up the river, and, we find this board is also great board for families as it offers a more advanced experience with room for passengers.

The 12’6” Sport is a great cruising and touring board and will allow you to comfortably tackle longer, multi-day tours. As with all our touring boards the Sport boards all feature our RSS, Rocker Stiffening System which enhances the overall performance and make them up to 40% stiffer.