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The Deck Bag is one of Red Original’s pioneering products. There is simply no better way for keeping your items secure and dry whilst out paddle boarding.

We ship globally

We ship globally

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The Deck Bag is one of Red Original’s pioneering products. There is simply no better way for keeping your items secure and dry whilst out paddle boarding. This 22litre bag is designed to fit on any  paddle board which has a 4 point attachment system. The quick LTS ( Luggage Tensioning System) is devised for you to clip your Deck Bag onto the board, tighten up and away you go. Once on the board the Deck Bag fits snuggly in place and contents is easily accessible via the fully waterproof YKK Aquaseal zip.

The Deck Bag also comes with a plastic insert to hold the bags shape and protect the contents, this can be withdrawn and both can be packed flat to fit inside a luggage bag or board bag whilst travelling. On the outside of the Deck Bag a small zip pouch for handy items such as suncream or sun glasses whilst either side we’ve installed pouches for drinks bottles and other easy to grab accessories.

The Armour Tech fabric is highly resistant from rips, abrasions and knocks without risk of leaking. Many paddle boarders trust the Deck bag with their digital SLR cameras and even drones. The interior of the Deck Bag is large enough for most day to day items required for a great day on the water. If you wanted additional space on your Deck Bag you can attach the Dry Pouch witch is designed to easily velcro onto the exterior of the Deck Bag.

Keep your paddle boarding essentials safe, dry and easily accessible with the Deck Bag.


1. Armour Tech: Tough but tactile premium high density waterproof TPU fabric provides the optimum in durability.

2. Luggage Tensioning System: With rotary spring hooks and 4mm para cord for added strength and security

3. YKK aquaseal 5mm zip: The best totally waterproof zip you can get, our premium YKK AquaSeal zip won’t corrode or fail. Tested to 0.3 millibar and guaranteed to 0.05 millibar.

4. Welded Seams: Prevent water from entering the deck bag keeping the contents safe.

5. Internal removable skeleton: Creates streamline form and provides shape to the bag

6. Drinks bottle holders: On the outside of the bag for easy access and compatable with Red Original Insulated Drinks bottles with drawstring closure to keep secure

7. Ergonomic top access: Provides easy access to the contents whilst on the water.

8. Reinforced neoprene handle: Carry heavy loads in comfort.

9. Premium high density TPU fabric: 100% waterproof and super tough provides the optimum in durability

10. Wave webbing: Allows multiple attachments to the bag

11. 22 Litre Size: L:450mm W:350mm H:200mm


4 reviews
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Reviewed on 25th March 2019

This company is the best. I lost the plastic stiffener from my deck bag somehow so i emailed to see if they had spares.
They got back to me that day and by the following day they'd posted me a new one for free. It's probably the best customer service i've ever had.

Hi Kate, as always happy to help. Thanks for the review.

Gaynor H.
Reviewed on 18th December 2018

Having used the traditional roll down top dry bags this completely revolutionises your paddling experience

Simple to attach to the board ( four anchor points with tension adjusters) so no fighting with the cargo rope. Rigid with two pockets either side for water bottles and a top pocket ( although not waterproof ) is great for sun glasses etc

Totally waterproof due to the aqua zip so clothes shoes iPad stays dry despite capsizing or the board turning over. The bag actually does float

If you’re looking for a good deck bag go no further than this.

The best deck bag, PERIOD! - Christian Z.
Reviewed on 6th October 2018

Bag arrived two days after I ordered the same online. This deckbag is of great quality and will keep all your things dry even when fully wet. Once you attach it to the board and secure, it will not slid or move when carrying your board to the water.
It is very light and big enough to carry all your things for that long trip!

Seriously fab gear!!! - Lillywooly
Reviewed on 30th September 2018

Ordered mine one afternoon after considering for weeks, (it's not an overly cheap purchase!). Arrived next day. Fast forward a week to our 3 week french paddling hols, where, at one of our secluded lakeside sites, we were down to 1 bottle of wine and very limited food. A 60 minute, mountainous return journey, to the village in 38 degrees, or a 5 minute paddle across the bay? This bag made the latter option soooo easy! Less than a minute to attach, paddled, detached in seconds, carred bag to shop, filled with bottles of wine, chocolate and sausages, reattached and paddled back. Everything bone dry, plenty of room, sat beautifully and securely on the board. Fantastic bit of kit, opens at the front so you can reach into the bag and plenty of attachment points for other kit. Great buy !!!

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