Paddle Board Lock

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Prevent opportunist thieves from walking away with your prize possession with our extra long combination board lock. With the ability to secure multiple boards together, it acts as a deterrent if you need to leave your board unattended for any period of time.

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We ship globally

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Offering Security and Peace of Mind

It’s a sad truth that paddleboards do occasionaly get stolen. To help stop your holiday from being ruined or getting yourself stranded in the pub, we have developed a combination board lock which can be looped through the leash point on your board.

Long enough to secure multiple boards makes this the ideal solution for a variety of different occasions. The 3.2mm lightweight cable makes the lock easy to carry with you and the combination lock which can be programmed to a code of your choice for increased peace of mind.


1. 3.2mm Marine grade twisted stainless steel cable: Resistant to corrosion and provides increased cut resistance

2. Abrasion resistant Coating: Protect the cable from fraying or from damaging other objects the lock is attached to

3. 340cm Long: Ability to lock multiple boards together with one loc

4. Programmable Combination lock: Easy to use carabiner combination lock can be set to a personal code further reducing likelihood of board being stolen.


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