Airbelt Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

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The essential safety device for stand-up paddle boarders looking for a less bulky alternative to a buoyancy aid, designed to give the user maximum freedom and comfort.

Fast and easy to deploy the ISO certified 50n waist-belt PFD will prolong survival time when the user requires assistance in getting to safety.

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We ship globally

We ship globally

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Peace Of Mind For You And Loved Ones

Staying safe on the water is the number one priority for any watersports participant and paddleboarding is no different. Combined with an increasing number of events making it mandatory to wear a PFD we wanted to offer something that didnt get in the way whilst paddling but ensured you can stay safe in the unlikely event you get into trouble.

To ensure we produced the best product possible, we have teamed up with lifejacket experts Baltic to create a waist belt PFD which is perfect for stand up paddleboarding. The PFD sits comfortably around your waist and conceals the ISO Certified (EN ISO 12402-5 / 12402-6) 50 N bladder. To deploy should you require it, simply pull the inflatable bladder out of the pocket, place over your head and inflate by pulling the inflation cord, with no adjustments required. Once deployed, the PFD can be re-armed by replacing the gas cylinder with another 16g CO2 cylinder, meaning it can be used multiple times.

A large water resistant storage pocket at the front is perfect for essential items and D-ring clip points allow for attaching other items if needed.

Suitable for people 40-130kgs.


  1. 1. Premium waterproof fabric: Soft and comfortable to wear even if in direct contact with your skin.
  2. 2. Large water-resistant storage pocket: Keep your essentials with you at all times.
  3. 3. Reflective visibility strip: Helps people locate you in low light conditions
  4. 4. Easy to use grab handle: Pull out, put on, inflate (no neck adjustments required)
  5. 5. D-ring attachments: For taking other items on the water with you and keeping them close to hand.
  6. 6. Replaceable gas canister: In the unlikely event of using your PFD you can get replaceable gas canisters so it can be used again.
  7. 7. Manual inflation valve: Can be used to add in more air or deflate the lung once back to safety.
  8. 8. 5 Year Guarantee: On all parts.


2 reviews
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Airbelt PFD - Leigh
Reviewed on 21st April 2019

Loving the Airbelt PDF. It hives peace of mind and is comfortable at the same time. I’m finding it very convenient to pack along wherever I’m headed and it allows for an unrestricted paddling experience. Thanks.

Thanks Leigh, we’re glad you are finding it useful for your adventures!

Barely notice it's there! - Becky D.
Reviewed on 4th August 2018

My friend and I bought a pair of these recently as we’re embarking on longer, deeper journeys and needed that peace of mind if anything went awry. When they arrived it was shocked at how small and unassuming they are, and incredibly light! The strap adjusts a long way to ensure it’s comfortable and the storage compartment is perfect for things like car keys. Definitely feel more at ease venturing out with this, and lastly and the most important bit... it looks really cool!