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27th November 2019

As long time windsurfers and owners of 101 Surf Sports, Cort Larned and David Wells wanted to share their love of water with as many people as possible. SUP seemed the opportunity of a lifetime to get people out exploring San Francisco Bay by SUP. We catch up with 101 Surf Sports partners Cort and David…

101 Surf Sports
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Q & A WITH 101 surf sports

How long have you been selling Red Paddle co boards? 

Cort/David: Given the large contingent of Mini Cooper driving apartment dwellers our area of the city, the only option for many is one that a customer can store and get around town. This is where inflatable SUP’s come in, it was a clear choice to stock inflatable paddle boards which we started to do 9 years ago.

Could you tell us a little more about your location? 

Cort/David; We are lucky to call the San Rafael Creek our home, meaning our store is located right on the water. From surfing the waves of Ocean Beach to gliding along the Sausilito waterfront, we believe there may be no better place in the world to do the sports we love.  

What else do you sell? are you a specialist shop focussing on one thing in particular? 

Cort/David: Although we specialize in SUP’s, you’ll also find Surfski’s, Kayaks, Surfboads, Windsurfing gear, Wetsuits and all the accessories you need to enjoy a day on or in the water.

“We are a particularly community driven centre and urge customers and locals alike to join in on a full range of activities. ”

do you offer any lessons or opportunities to try boards?

Cort/David: We pride ourselves on the fact that customers can try any board before buying it and with the least hassle possible; which is why we have a full service centre. Within this we offer rentals, lessons, storage and even board repair.  

is there a philosophy for the store? what do you believe in? 

Cort/David: As mentioned, we wholly believe in getting the most out of your paddling experience, be that joining the race teams or simply demoing a board, our full service centre caters to this. We also are a particularly community driven centre and urge customers and locals alike to join in on a full range of activities.  

Could you tell us a little more about your paddling community?  

Cort/David: Our community is at the very heart of our business. With an extensive race scene that is built on family fun racing we encourage all levels of paddlers to race. If racing isn’t your thing, we offer moonlight paddles, group surf sessions, work out paddles and guided adventure paddles, that get you paddling under the Golden Gate or just lazing down the local protected waterway- San Rafael Creek. 

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