Kev Brady takes on Sri Lanka – Day 7

Posted 20th Dec 2016 by maxinesmilescookeme-comDay 7: Buddhist Holiday - 13/12/2016 Lakshman called me from the garden once again and I walked to the balcony. "I suggest you delay leav...Read more

Kev Brady takes on Sri Lanka – Day 6

Posted 20th Dec 2016 by maxinesmilescookeme-comDay 6 - Lakshman's House Preparation -12/12/2016 I lay under my mosquito net, curtains and windows wide open allowing in the tranquil sou...Read more

Kev Brady takes on Sri Lanka – Day 5

Posted 20th Dec 2016 by maxinesmilescookeme-comDAY 5: COLOMBO TO KANDY - Lakshman’s House - 11/12/2016 The small fan above my bed not only kept me cool, but also created a white nois...Read more

Kev Brady takes on Sri Lanka – Day 4

Posted 16th Dec 2016 by maxinesmilescookeme-comIs Kev still awaiting the permission he needs to continue his expedition?! Find out all as he tells you about his 4th day in Colombo... ...Read more

Q + A – Planning a SUP Adventure ✈

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Kev Brady takes on Sri Lanka

Posted 13th Dec 2016 by maxinesmilescookeme-comAdventurer Kev Brady, has taken it upon himself to complete one hell of an epic trip in Sri Lanka. Attempting to paddle the full 208 miles...Read more

Tis the season!

Posted 7th Dec 2016 by maxinesmilescookeme-comWith only 18 days to go until the big day, it’s time to start getting in those Christmas presents for your nearest and dearest! A saying w...Read more

Conquering My Fear of the Water

Posted 29th Nov 2016 by maxinesmilescookeme-comConfidence in the water probably comes as quite a breeze for a lot of you, and probably something you wouldn’t normally think about when a...Read more

Beneath the surface

Posted 25th Nov 2016 by maxinesmilescookeme-comBEHIND THE SCENES OF OUR 2017 PHOTOSHOOT Every year there is an almost tangible atmosphere here at Red Paddle Co HQ as we plan for our annu...Read more

Sail your way into the Sunset!

Posted 24th Nov 2016 by maxinesmilescookeme-comFancy having all of the benefits of a Windsurf board on an iSUP? Good news…New for 2017, we have decided to introduce a Windsurf board to ...Read more