9’6″ Wild MSL

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Who's it for? White-water kings and queens ready to take on any river

Head to fast flowing rivers with the Wild 9’6″

Little gets the adrenaline going like paddleboarding down a furious, foaming river.

Based on input from experienced white water paddlers, we’ve given it a shape that offers extreme durability and extreme performance. It’s also a nippy board, perfect for river SUPing. High sides allow it to break in and out of the river flow, and it’s got a pronounced rocker so it rides out the bumps.

The multiple grab handles offer safety and control, and the quad-iFin setup that means you don’t get the ‘double bump’ common to three-fin setups when you go over rocks.

We’ve made those fins low-profile to avoid hang-ups in shallow sections, and because no two rivers are the same, we’ve designed them so they can be shaped to suit your riding style and the conditions. The board also features a US Box so you can insert a larger fin for improved tracking when paddling longer flat water sections. FCS FIN Sold Separately.

The six point cargo tie-down section features an additional traction pad to help keep any gear in place whilst the diamond Red embossed deckpad provides ultimate grip across the whole deck.

34” / 864mm
5.90” / 150mm
300 litres
Rider weight
up to 120kgs / 265lbs
Board weight
12.6kg / 27.72lb
Bag height
96 cm / 37.7"
Bag width
39 cm / 15.35 "
Bag Depth
36 cm / 14.17"
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What's included with the 9'6" Wild inflatable paddle board

All Terrain Backpack | Titan Pump | Repair Kit | Water Resistant Phone Case |
FCS FIN Sold Separately.


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