Paddle boarding in the Pilbara – North West Australia


Route recommended by:

Kylianne Farrell Mental Health Educator

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The Pilbara region, in North West Australia is a huge expanse of stunning natural landscapes that is twice the size of the UK! Famous for its bright red rock this paddle from Setters Beach is a magic paddle and sometimes you’ll have the beach all to yourself.

Settlers Beach is a sandy beach which is hugged by the red rock that the Pilbara is known for. On the left is the port where iron ore leaves the shores and stands out proudly in the not so far distance. As you look out to the open ocean you can often see Iron Ore ships in the distance as they enter the port or embark on their long journey home.

On a calm day there is so much to explore as you take in the rugged landscape from a different view, where the water laps the red rock. On a very high tide the creeks meet the beach making for some more awesome paddling adventures.


To access Settlers Beach, you pass through the historic townsite of Cossack once the North West’s first shipping port. With a view of Jarman Island off the coast where the lighthouse still stands, you can really feel that the water holds many stories of a somewhat chequered past.

Route Directions

  1. .From Karratha, drive east towards Roebourne for about 35 minutes, where you will meet the Cossack, turn off.
  2. .From there signs will point you in the direction of settlers beach as you drive through the historic townsite.
  3. .Launch from Settlers Beach and follow the red coastline - just paddle and explore.

Local Knowledge

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Launch Point

Settlers Beach

If you want the full Cossack experience there is some accommodation on site, short stay bookings are accepted in high season from April through to December.

Places to stay
Cossack Budget Accommodation | [email protected]
0488 364 587
Places to Eat/Drink
There is a cafe at Cossack
Point Samson or Wickham is not too far a drive where there are more options for food and drinks.

Things to know

  • Weather in the North West can be unpredictable, ensure the tides are on the higher side to have enough water to paddle and that the winds are ideal for recreational paddling.
  • The Pilbara region, depending on the time of year can be extreme in terms of weather. Red Paddle Co boards are perfect for the harsh region as you can store away for travel protected from the heat when needed. I recommend taking an insulated water bottle (with extra water), a cap and dry bag to take your phone and of course camera out with you to snap the wondrous things you will see!