9’8″ Ride MSL Inflatable Paddle Board Package

Perfect for lighter riders who want a versatile board for every circumstance and also for heavier riders for surfing.

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Specialist All-round
Surf Flat Water
Cruise Race
Agility Stability

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The 9'8" Ride delivers a fantastic all round performance

The smallest of the Ride family is the 9’8” Ride, an inflatable SUP designed for all-round usage for lighter riders.

You’ll get the best out of it if you’re under 70kg/155lb, but that doesn’t exclude heavier riders. In fact, for heavier riders, the 9’8” makes a great surf shape. Key to the 9’8″ Ride’s versatility are its dimensions. It’s 787mm/31” wide and 100mm/3.93” thick, which makes it a stable but manoeuvrable board.

Bag Size

960mm (h) x 390mm (w) x 360mm (d)

Bag Volume

150 litres

Board Length


Board Width

31″ / 787mm


Moulded iFin System

Number of Riders


Rider Weight

Up to 100 kg / 220 lb

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Whats Included with this Inflatable Sup package







All Terrain Backpack

Take your SUP wherever you go with Red Paddle Co’s backpack. At Red Paddle Co we pride ourselves on creating an authentic paddling experience.

This means all of our kit has to perform to an exceptional standard – whether that’s on the water or when you’re travelling and transporting your board paddle and pump.

No bag existed that met our demands – so we created our own. Our solution is the world’s best inflatable SUP bag. An innovative backpack designed to make taking your board to the furthest corners of the Earth as easy as possible.

It’s made using toughened materials that can cope with sun, sea, sand and abuse. It even has a foil lining to ensure your board stays cool in extreme temperatures.

When you’re not out exploring, it serves as the perfect storage unit too.

Titan Pump

The world’s first purpose built double chamber SUP pump – designed to halve the amount of time and effort it takes to inflate you board.

It comes with almost every board in the Red Paddle Co Range. Constant innovation has meant we have tested the absolute boundaries of inflation technology and as such are confident there is nothing quite like the Titan pump.

The Dual Cylinder system combined with the Hi Flo handle allows you to put volume into your board faster and reduces the effort required to reach a higher pressure.

A revolution in pumping technology! It now comes with attachments to enable you to inflate anything from boards, to kites, airbeds and boats!


The iFin System offers a high-performance while being ultra-durable.

No need for tools, spores or replacements, the iFin can take a beating and are super easy to re-shape if they get bent.


The paddle is your engine and allows you to get the most from each and every outing on the water.

No matter what your budget, style or preference – there is a paddle for everyone and it’s important to consider which one you choose as it will make a big difference on performance.

Your paddle should be 6” taller than you so we have two adjuster types to make this easy for you. LeverLock’s patented technology allows you to make adjustments on the fly with one hand for maximum flexibility. The Camlock offers unrivalled grip to remove any movement or free play.

Once you add your chosen board to your basket, you get offered a choice of paddles to build your perfect package.


Essential replacement parts and spares should you ever need them.

This includes a patch for the front and back of your board, (150mm x 150 mm), a valve tool and instructions all stored in a waterproof can.


Leashes Save Lives. 

When heading out on the water it is important to always securely attach the board to you using a safe and reliable leash. 

8′ Coiled Touring Leash- Reduces drag in the water and offers a more compact leash option. 

Safety Note: If paddling in river currents we advise wearing only a Personal Floatation Device or a waist leash to avoid snagging on obstacles and debris. 

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The 9’8″ Ride SUP is up to 40% stiffer than other inflatables of the same size and thickness.

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4.88 out of 5 stars

0 reviews

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What others are saying

  1. Anonymous

    Great boards, great company, great after care service 5*

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  2. Anonymous

    Red Paddle co are awesome! I love my board and the service and support they have given me is second to none!
    I would recommend buying a red paddle board to everyone-even if you don't want to paddle-their service will restore your faith in humanity which alone would make it worth it!

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  3. Anonymous

    Love these amazing boards! With new pump it takes just minutes to get ready and paddle anywhere. Easy to carry, easy to travel thanks to new sup bag. Amazing quality, service! Thank you for all the fun in my life!

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  4. Anonymous

    These Red Paddle Co boards are incredible! They are surprisingly rigid (especially when you pump them up to 21 PSI) and so much fun to paddle on.

    Pumping them up is definitely a challenge, but I see it as a quick workout before my paddle boarding workout. If I push hard, I can inflate a board all the way to 21 PSI in ~4 minutes. Though to be fair, I'm 6 feet tall, 215 pounds, and lift weights regularly. My 5 foot tall, 100 pound sister could hardly even get the pump to move after 15 PSI. The good news is, if you're that light, you don't really need to inflate it beyond 15 PSI, even on the 9'8 board.

    I got the Ride 10'8 and 9'8 boards. The 10'8 is so big and stable it feels like a boat. I’ve taken 2 kids (~30 pounds, ~60 pounds, and me at 215 pounds = 305 pounds!) on that board and felt solid and stable (though as I said, I usually pump them up to 21 PSI). This is also the board I use when introducing people to paddle boarding. It's great for learning the sport.

    Though I'm technically over the weight limit, I actually love riding the 9'8 board. I can't take kids on it, and it's definitely less stable than the bigger board, but it's smaller and more agile, which makes it tons of fun. My 9 year old son and 7 year old daughter have also done surprisingly well learning to paddle on this board.

    I’ve only paddle boarded 20-30 times, so I'm not exactly an advanced rider, but as always your mileage may vary.

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  5. Anonymous

    I bought this fantastic board over 4 years ago, and have used it on lakes, rivers and oceans, to great satisfaction. Used most during the summer, folded into the back of a truck several times a week every week, but also in nearly freezing temperatures. It has also rolled-up and traveled beautifully (LOVE the bag!) on several trips South, surviving airport baggage handlers in Cuba, Canada, Florida and the Bahamas. Most of the time, I ride with my 50 lb dog. She can walk around the board freely while I paddle calm lakes and rivers, then lies down when the waves and wind increase. I adore how tough the surface of the board is, resisting claw scratches that even mark wood floors! This is a fantastic all-around board that my husband can also use, despite our size difference (200 vs 100 lbs). We’ve even had fun sitting on it together, which leaves our bums just beneath the water on a hot day. The trade-off for such stability, convenience and versatility is that this is not the fastest board, nor is it the best at maintaining a straight trajectory. Since speed isn’t my goal, and I enjoy switching paddling side every couple of strokes or so, it hasn’t been a bother for me. The only time I struggled was against 30 miles/h winds for over 3 hours while towing another (abandoned) board. When I first bought this board, I figured I’d be happy if I got one full summer’s use out of it. I’m now heading towards a 4th fun-filled summer with my trusty Ride! I adore Red Paddle and have loved showing hundreds of curious people everywhere that it is indeed an inflatable board.

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  6. Anonymous

    9'8 or 10'6?

    I was struggling to decide which board to buy. In the end I bought the 9'8 after trying out it and the 10'6. I'm just under 6ft and weight 76KGs. For my weight and height the board was perfect and was much more manoeuvrable than the 10'6 which felt 'stickier' and required more effort to paddle. I was also able to take children on the board with me up to about 30KG's. So this board I would suspect could do an adult up to 95KG.

    What I loved about this board was it's versatility in flat water and surf. With the stiffening battens and the pin tail on the board it can both track well in flat water but also is great at catching waves and turning. I surfed it for a week in 1-3ft waves without any problems and in the softer conditions being able to paddle to accelerate meant we could surf when conventional boards couldn't.

    My whole family used it and even my 9 year old could handle this board with ease. I am delighted that I went with the 9'8.

    Some general things to be aware of is that the board requires more pumping than you would think to get to 22PSI (required for stiffness for surfing) so we ended up putting the board on our roof rack for the week. I got caught out by a gust of wind putting it on the roof rack and watched the board do a 720 flip across the car park! It proved what a tough little board this is as there was no damage. I would suggest 2 people are needed to strap to a roof rack on a windy day.

    If you want a catch all board that will work in all conditions this is the one for you!

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  7. Anonymous

    The 9'8 Ride is a fantastic board. We purchased it primarily as an all rounder for my wife, but the board is also very comfortable and stable for me to use too, my larger height and weight is not a problem as the RSS battens give the board excellent stiffness (I'm 190cm tall, 90kg). We mainly use the board on flat water but we've also used it on the sea and in some small surf, which is a lot of fun! The board is very easy to inflate, the titan pump makes light work of getting up to pressure, and the excellent bag makes carrying and storing the board, paddle and pump simple. We're very happy with this board.

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  8. Anonymous

    I was never that keen on paddleboarding, until I tried out a friends board on a holiday in Greece. I couldn't get over how much fun they were and how quick it was to get on your feet paddling. Safe to say, I was on this board for the majority of the holiday and ended up purchasing my very own as soon as I was back! Highly highly recommend!

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