10’6″ Ride SE MSL Inflatable Paddle Board Package

Our award winning Ride in a special edition colour way to mark our 10 year anniversary

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Agility Stability
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The World's Most Popular Inflatable SUP

It was our 10th birthday in 2018, so we marked the occasion with an addition to our Ride family – this Special Edition (SE) has all the same great features as our award winning 10’6″ Ride MSL, but comes in a specially created colour scheme.

It’s designed to float and glide easily on flat water, and it has just the right amount of curve in the plan shape so it rides smoothly and predictably in surf, no matter what kind of rider you are. And it’s 120mm/4.7” thick, which increases stiffness while not affecting ride and performance. Practical cargo tie-downs and an embroidered carry handle complete the package.

The Red embossed deck pad offers comfort and grip and a diamond cut rear section provides even greater grip and stability when performing step back turns or during occasional use in the surf. It comes with our industry leading Titan pump as standard which will have your board inflated in half the time with half the effort and packs down neatly to fit into our all terrain backpack making transportation and storage simple.

Get them whilst you can!

Bag Size

960mm (h) x 390mm (w) x 360mm (d)

Bag Volume

150 litres

Board Length


Board Weight

9.95kg / 21.89lb

Board Width

32″ / 813mm


Moulded iFin System

Number of Riders


Rider Weight

Up to 100 kg / 220 lb

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Whats Included with this Inflatable Sup package







All Terrain Backpack

Take your SUP wherever you go with Red Paddle Co’s backpack. At Red Paddle Co we pride ourselves on creating an authentic paddling experience.

This means all of our kit has to perform to an exceptional standard – whether that’s on the water or when you’re travelling and transporting your board paddle and pump.

No bag existed that met our demands – so we created our own. Our solution is the world’s best inflatable SUP bag. An innovative backpack designed to make taking your board to the furthest corners of the Earth as easy as possible.

It’s made using toughened materials that can cope with sun, sea, sand and abuse. It even has a foil lining to ensure your board stays cool in extreme temperatures.

When you’re not out exploring, it serves as the perfect storage unit too.

Titan Pump

The world’s first purpose built double chamber SUP pump – designed to halve the amount of time and effort it takes to inflate you board.

It comes with almost every board in the Red Paddle Co Range. Constant innovation has meant we have tested the absolute boundaries of inflation technology and as such are confident there is nothing quite like the Titan pump.

The Dual Cylinder system combined with the Hi Flo handle allows you to put volume into your board faster and reduces the effort required to reach a higher pressure.

A revolution in pumping technology! It now comes with attachments to enable you to inflate anything from boards, to kites, airbeds and boats!


The iFin System offers a high-performance while being ultra-durable.

No need for tools, spores or replacements, the iFin can take a beating and are super easy to re-shape if they get bent.


The paddle is your engine and allows you to get the most from each and every outing on the water.

No matter what your budget, style or preference – there is a paddle for everyone and it’s important to consider which one you choose as it will make a big difference on performance.

Your paddle should be 6” taller than you so we have two adjuster types to make this easy for you. LeverLock’s patented technology allows you to make adjustments on the fly with one hand for maximum flexibility. The Camlock offers unrivalled grip to remove any movement or free play.

Once you add your chosen board to your basket, you get offered a choice of paddles to build your perfect package.


Essential replacement parts and spares should you ever need them.

This includes a patch for the front and back of your board, (150mm x 150 mm), a valve tool and instructions all stored in a waterproof can.


Leashes Save Lives. 

When heading out on the water it is important to always securely attach the board to you using a safe and reliable leash. 

8′ Coiled Touring Leash- Reduces drag in the water and offers a more compact leash option. 

Safety Note: If paddling in river currents we advise wearing only a Personal Floatation Device or a waist leash to avoid snagging on obstacles and debris. 

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Well, it’s wonderful of course! Though I wouldn’t expect anything less from a company like Red Paddle Co.

- Sacky -


4.75 out of 5 stars

0 reviews

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What others are saying

  1. Anonymous

    If ever there was a game changer, then the 10’6 Ride is probably it.

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  2. Anonymous

    We got our Red Paddle 10'6" board last fall after falling in love with the sport. We had been sharing one board between my fiance and myself.

    Red Paddle was great to help choose which board we ordered online and arrived haste free very quickly.

    The board is stable in the water, the dual action pump makes a quick pump up and not hard to do. It is a light board easy to manouver. We take a dog each on our boards and have added extra traction piece on the front where they sit. We always get people asking us about our boards when we are out at the beach when it's not to rough or in lakes. I would definately recommend this board to others.

    I think I prefer the fins to come off rather than fixed so they don't break or bend when packing and travelling. This would be the only change I would like to see. It is a sharp looking board and we are happy with it. Can't wait for summer!!!

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  3. Anonymous

    I have never had so many people talk to me in public than since I bought this board. It is impossible to get in or out of the water without someone wanting a run down of its features! It's nice to have a quality product that I am happy to recommend to anyone who asks.

    The pump is fast and easy to use, people with other inflatable brands have asked to borrow it over theirs. The board handles nicely on the water, is very stable and is the perfect solution for those with limited storage. It does take a few outings to get your routine set up of how best to pack bag, clean the board after you get out of the water and roll the board up but it has been a great investment. I have used it on the lake, harbour and out on the ocean (in flat conditions as I am a beginner), but I am impressed that I never fallen off it.

    There are only a few small improvements I would wish for; firstly, that the fins were removable. I have found mine to have bent slightly from being in the bag at times, I would be very hesitant to take it on a plane anywhere for fear of them being broken. Also I wish the strap that you roll the board up in was different colours on each side as I always seem to have it the wrong way around when I come to try tighten the buckle up.

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  4. Anonymous

    Fantastic company manufacturing amazing boards with a customer service to match it. Good job Red Paddle !!

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