8’10” Whip MSL

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Who's it for? Surfers who want to take their ride all over the world

Travelling round the world with a hard surf SUP isn’t easy. They’re bulky, don’t mix well with airports or airplanes and there’s always the risk of getting a ding.

The solution is this, the 8’10” Whip, a surf inflatable SUP you can throw in a bag and take all over the world as if it were just any other backpack. It’s extremely durable and has been tested to destruction (actually, even after we drove over one of our boards in a tractor, it still worked just fine), making it the perfect travel surf SUP. It’s got a narrow tail, a removable, adjustable fin from world leading surfboard fin creators FCS and Red Paddle Co’s patented RSS batten system, which makes it super-stiff for maximum manoeuvrability.

The rounded nose helps to pop the board over white water paddling out as well as makes nose riding a joy for any level of rider. The Red embossed deck pad offers comfort and grip and a diamond cut rear section with raised kick pad provides even greater grip and stability allowing you to turn the board tighter.

29" / 740mm
3.93" / 100mm
150 liters
Rider weight
up to 90kgs/200lbs
Board weight
7.4kg / 16.28lb
Bag height
96 cm / 37.7 "
Bag width
39 cm / 15.35 "
Bag depth
36 cm / 14.17"
US Box Fins
Stiffening System
RSS Batten
Bag Volume
Approx. 150 Litres
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The ideal solution for travelling SUP surfers

What's included with the 8'10" Whip inflatable surf SUP

Whip inflatable paddleboard accessories pack

Red Original Classic Backpack | HP Pump | Repair Kit | Water Resistant Phone Case | Removable US Box Fins | RSS Battens


4 reviews
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David Kittrick
Reviewed on 7th June 2017
Used for Surf

Red paddle the whip

Ok so to be honest I don't normally do the review thing, but this board is for me one of if not the best inflatable board I've used in the waves.
At last an I sup that you can actually bottom turn and surf down the line,
I love it.
Great shape
Great fin
Very comfortable bag
Inflates in about 3 minutes
Surprisingly stiff
Bomb proof
Easy to store and transport
And compared to any other Isup the red paddle the whip surfs very well.


Reviewed on 27th March 2017
Used for Surf

It actually turns! Last year I considered travelling with the hard board again for surfing, but then decided to trade in my 9,8" ride for the 2016 Whip. Never regretted it. Plenty of stability for a tall intermediate paddler like me and enough performance. Not like a carbon board, but close.
The 2016 US box doesn't fit most US box fins (it is not a real US box) and the fin attachment seems vulnarable. The 2017 FCS could be an improvement. Still very careful with sand on the battens and keeping the board out of the sun.

Reviewed on 27th March 2017
Used for All-round, Touring, Surf, Yoga

Bought my Whip in Dec, 2015 and have surfed it on 4 continents. Ideal for travel - packs up tight & light. All my baggage fits in the SUP bag with no problems on over 10 airlines. The Whip is a huge improvement over my previous inflatable surf SUP. It turns quickly, is fast getting on waves and is stable paddling out. I used to feel I was at a big disadvantage over solid SUPs but the Whip evens out the field. It is not quite as fast as a solid SUP and it needs to be ridden at the back of the board engaging the fin, but is very durable, light and nimble and easier on the body if it hits you.

Reviewed on 27th March 2017
Used for All-round, Surf

The 8"10 Whip is an extremely durable board. Huge fan of the edges created by the RSS side batons and the new tech which allows for the board to be comfortably pumped up to 25psi. I found the board to be quite stable and also suitable for flatwater paddles.

In the surf, the board performed well for an iSUP. Typically, in regular swell that was overhead or less, the board was good on the drops and responsive on the turns.

For larger swell, the board could have benefited from a pulled rocker and interchangable side fins (or a 5-fin setup).

Great board and excellent after service!

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