22’0″ Dragon

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Who's it for? Racers who thrive on team spirit

Are you ready to rally the troops and create a championship-winning team?

Do you want to mix the intensity of SUP racing with the camaraderie of team spirit? The four-person Dragon can reach an incredible rate of knots. The 22’0″ Dragon retains the same features as most of the Race family, including profiled nose, slim body, and high sides so that it rises out of the water and slices through the waves.

It has eight lateral handles for ease of transport, has four valves for fast inflation and is covered in an extra large decked with a large dragon design, warning other competitors to watch out if they don’t want to get smoked! The board is supplied with our glass fibre race fin, designed to provide minimal drag and prevent any debris from getting caught whilst paddling. Don’t be duped by its size though: this is one fast machine and with the power of eight arms driving paddles through the water, it is one of the fastest SUPs on the planet!

We will again be inviting paddle boarders from all over the world to compete in the amazing Dragon World Series, with teams of four battling it out across the globe. To find out how you can get involved visit dragonworldseries.com

34" / 863mm
8" / 200mm
984 litres
Board weight
23.2kg / 51.04lb
Number of riders
up to 4
Removable US Box Fins
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Multi-person racing with the 22ft Dragon


1 reviews
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Beaman Floyd
Reviewed on 21st May 2018
Used for All-round

First, this board is fantastic. Quality of construction, details, and extras are all excellent. I bought as a racer/trainer with other paddlers, and it is great for that purpose. Now, the surprises- the all around possibilities of this board are just plain fun. The board can be paddled, and I mean really paddled, by one to four people. We have used it for everything from multi-person yoga to a lunch and nap platform to taking little kiddos for first SUP rides. My favorite might be the gondolier function- me getting a good paddle workout while my beloved wife reclines up front. Bottom line, though its highest purpose is definitely ripping down the water under multiple paddle power, the board offers a range of fun, very social activities. Imagination seems to be the only limit.

Beaman Floyd
Austin, Texas


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