17’0″ XL Ride

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2 year warranty*

Who's it for? Groups of all kinds - bring the dog, too!

Go big or go home with our largest board. Everyone can get involved with this giant inflatable SUP.

Our MSL fusion technology really comes into it’s own with this giant  multi-person board that remains light and easy to transport in its own, specially designed bag. At 17’0 long and 60″ wide, the Ride XL is designed to carry not one, but a large group of riders (and even pets if you want). As many as eight people can fit on this super-sized board and paddling as a group is fun, sociable and great exercise.

Technically, the XL ride is an extension of its sister Ride boards, with a wide deck and tail to make it nice and stable – even when you have a full crew on it. It also has multiple valves so a group of people can inflate it at the same time, and multiple grab handles so they can carry it together. There is plenty of space to take a whole heap of kit with you on the main deck pad or up front using the cargo tie down points. Fitted with our indestructible iFin system means you don’t have to worry about damage or running it up the beach after surfing the wave of your life!!

60" / 1524mm
8" / 200mm
1298 litres
Number of riders
Up to 8
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Red Paddle Co's giant inflatable SUP

What's included with the 17'0" Ride XL inflatable SUP

XL Carry Bag | Four Ezee Pumps | Repair Kit | Water-Resistant Phone Case


1 reviews
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Haskin Canoe, Edmonton, Alberta
Reviewed on 18th May 2017
Used for Touring, Junior

We purchased two for our rental shack and youth clinics. Everyone loves this board. It is known as our "Party Board". It is always an attention grabber. Great for groups! I would totally recommend this for for that unique experience and team building activities.


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